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angryladyboobs Fri 09-Jun-17 11:15:21

Ugh Farrah is horrid.

She's so nasty and when it doesn't go her way, she turns on the waterworks.

The way she speaks to people is utterly disgusting!!

I know IABU to even watch it but I can't be the only one to hate her attitude, can I?

Teddy6767 Fri 09-Jun-17 11:17:30

She's vile! Although her parents seem like total weirdos and were apparently quite abusive when she was growing up (although who knows the truth in that). Think that's why she has so much anger towards them, and they now suck up to her because she's a millionaire and probably helps them out financially.

Amber needs to scrap that Matt guy. He's clearly using her!

OregonShales Fri 09-Jun-17 11:25:37

Deborah can claim all she wants that she has seen Drs and they have told her she has no mental condition, I don't believe it for a second. We seen the state of Farrahs face season 2 after they had that altercation, she is definitely abusive.
There's a reason Farrahs sister has cut Deborah out of her life (alongside teddies point, interesting that Deborah has no contact with her non millionaire child, she doesn't even mention Ashley)

However, Farrahs attitude sometimes is astounding. I hope her and Sophia break the cycle and don't end up like her and her mum, though I fear when Sophia is late teenage/early twenties and the more attractive, desirable one, she won't take that well.

Matt has never been a drug addict either, no record of that. The scene where the producer or whoever asks "what did you use?" and he stammered and went "uhhh same as her!"...well isn't that awfully convenient hmm

beepbeeprichie Fri 09-Jun-17 11:28:28

She is truly vile. Her face is now cartoonish with all that work as well. I'm not ashamed to say (on this thread anyway) that I recorded a Teen Mom OG special called "being Deborah" last night and I shall be watching that car crash later on smile

LuckyAmy1986 Fri 09-Jun-17 11:31:17

I have also recorded being Deborah! Farah is horrible and snaps so easily, but I feel sorry for her and think it's a result of her upbringing. Her dad seems ok but her mum really is on another planet. I do think she is spoiling Sophia though too much and she is going to end up a complete diva

Teddy6767 Fri 09-Jun-17 11:32:36

Hated when they bought that pony for their garden. It must be so lonely!
Sophia will grow up to be an entitled spoilt brat because Farrah buys her whatever she wants and doesn't discipline her when she's being rude.

What are your thoughts on catelynn and Tyler?

emmyhNL Fri 09-Jun-17 11:33:23

I van guess that there's a lot of 'guiding' by the producers for what they want to see/portrayal of people. I thought amber and Matt broke up?

I don't get the relationship between catelynn and Tyler. I thought they were the most stable but they seem to be a bit destructive lately.

Farrah annoys me but she's a savvy business woman. She plays the role very well that mtv want

LuckyAmy1986 Fri 09-Jun-17 11:35:54

Yes Farrah is smart in the business sense. I think she almost wants to shower Sophia with love that she didn't get but it's going to backfire.

On another note, I was really liking Ryan's fiancé Mackenzie until the other night. If you didn't like what Maci was saying why not say so at the time rather than sit there agreeing then go back to Jen and Larry slagging her off.

I hope Catelynn and Tyler last but they have been through a lot, something seems to have changed between them lately.

caffeinestream Fri 09-Jun-17 11:37:02

Farrah's parents are to blame - Michael appears to be a complete pushover and Deborah is just appalling - she's blatantly abusive to Farrah, and allegedly always has been.

I don't really get Catelynn and Tyler. I like them both but I never thought they were very well-suited, really. They make gorgeous babies though!

Teddy6767 Fri 09-Jun-17 11:37:58

I think Tyler is all nicey nice in front of the cameras, but I bet he's not very nice to Catelynn behind closed doors. She seems very depressed always slobbing about.

Ryan has gone to rehab which is good as it was so obvious he was off his tits on drugs during a few episodes. His eyes were bulging out of his head and his pupils were massive.

I'm an episode behind so if Amber And matt have split up then I'm pleased to hear that.

Deborah's fiancé seems like a weirdo too!

beepbeeprichie Fri 09-Jun-17 11:38:52

teddy I feel really sorry for both of them. In the original episode when they gave Carly away and were standing in the parking lot I was in tears. They've had no direction- April was a complete horror and Butch is still totally unreliable and has required Tyler to be the parent consistently.
They keep talking about having more children but given Catelynn's PND I don't think that would be wise at this point. I read somewhere that MTV gives more them more money if they had more children and I hope those two don't have that as a reason.

beepbeeprichie Fri 09-Jun-17 11:40:16

Ooh I didn't know Ryan had gone to rehab. Just as well. He used to be such a handsome chap and then he was clearly completely off his face. And that gross chewing tobacco......

LuckyAmy1986 Fri 09-Jun-17 11:42:58

Ryan's proposal would have been a lot better if he wasn't chewing!

Teddy6767 Fri 09-Jun-17 11:44:32

McKenzie came across as a right bitch on the last episode. She was agreeing with everything Maci said when she met up with her, and was then bitching about it all to Larry. Feel a bit sorry for Bentley as he clearly doesn't enjoy spending time with his dad.

LuckyAmy1986 Fri 09-Jun-17 11:47:06

I know I have gone right off Mackenzie. I feel sorry for him too, and I think Maci is a great mum. Jen obviously loves Bentley very much but making him still sleep in bed with her when he doesn't want to really makes me angry.

Teddy6767 Fri 09-Jun-17 11:49:11

Jen seems like a nice woman but she still treats Bentley like a baby, and she also lets Ryan and Larry walk all over her too and babies them.

And is it just me or does Gary seem to get fatter each series? He seems like quite a good dad to Leah though

angryladyboobs Fri 09-Jun-17 11:49:20

If her mum is truly like that why doesn't she cut her mum out of her life?!.

I think catlynn and Tyler's relationship seems very childish.

Currently on being Deborah, skipped a lot of stuff. - she looks like she's trying to be barbie... hmm

LuckyAmy1986 Fri 09-Jun-17 11:50:17

has anyone seen Deborah's rap video?

angryladyboobs Fri 09-Jun-17 11:50:40

David looks like santa... confused

LuckyAmy1986 Fri 09-Jun-17 11:51:55

I think Farrah desperately wants to keep her family together for Sophia especially.

Gary does seem like a good dad but yes he seems to keep getting bigger and bigger.

emmyhNL Fri 09-Jun-17 11:56:08

From what I've read online Gary is trying to protect Leah from some of Amber's 'erratic ' behaviour throughout the seasons. There was one example of her promising the world and Leah being crushed when it didn't come to fruition.

angryladyboobs Fri 09-Jun-17 11:56:15

I watched 4 minutes of the Deborah one and I couldn't deal with any more!!!. Watching the latest one I think now... catch up I think

Teddy6767 Fri 09-Jun-17 11:57:02

Haha I haven't seen the rap video but I'm sure it will be beyond cringy! Have you seen it?

What are your thoughts on Amber? Do you think she's a good mum?

Who is your favourite? I like Maci on OG and Chelsea on 2

Teddy6767 Fri 09-Jun-17 11:57:29

Oh and have you heard there's a new mum joining teen mom 2 on the next series called Brianna

user1497004902 Fri 09-Jun-17 11:57:42

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