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To be pissed my area just turned blue

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MommaGee Fri 09-Jun-17 09:54:11

So Theresa had a crap election.
Conservatives lost seats.

My area has been Labor, same MP since 1979.
It just went to the Conservatives.

Aibu to be disappointed that this is what my neighbours want? We're one of the most deprived areas in the country. We score crap on everything from employment to education, benefit dependency etc.

Yet they voted Conservative, because we all know they care so much about the poor.

phoolani Fri 09-Jun-17 10:01:58

YANBU. It's slightly depressing to see that the conservatives increased their share of the vote. How could more actually people vote for them than last time. My mind boggles.

MrsJayy Fri 09-Jun-17 10:06:06

Mine has too we have not had a tory here since 1997ish im really shocked labour got a right battering .

WaaWaaWaaa Fri 09-Jun-17 10:17:46

Perhaps they are all pissed off at the areas "crapness" and want someone in that might do something about it.

TabascoToastie Fri 09-Jun-17 10:33:49

Mine went from Blue to Red, so at least some are balancing out.

ilovesooty Fri 09-Jun-17 10:34:53

All those UKIP votes had to go somewhere.

Icallbullshit3 Fri 09-Jun-17 10:35:39

I'm pissed because mine stayed blue by a measly few hundred votes! Argh! wine

MrsJayy Fri 09-Jun-17 10:40:29

I do think it was an Snp protest vote mind you but tory <eyeroll>

stitchglitched Fri 09-Jun-17 10:40:38

I live in a very very safe Tory seat, but even though they retained it there was a 12.5% swing towards labour which makes me feel positive and that my vote 'counts' a bit, even if just to make the Tories panic a bit!

Gottagetmoving Fri 09-Jun-17 11:00:05

We got rid of our Tory MP. It has made me very happy!

Passmethecrisps Fri 09-Jun-17 11:01:37

We have gone blue which I suspect was more about SNP than the no policy Tory candidate. Given his enormous manifesto of "vote for me to keep SNP out" he is likely to be earning his keep hmm

K425 Fri 09-Jun-17 11:33:45

Our Tory candidate was returned, having beat the Labour candidate by 1% of the votes. The independent candidate got 1.8%.

Dandandandandandandan Fri 09-Jun-17 11:36:52

Well mine turned red and I am equally disgusted!

Dandandandandandandan Fri 09-Jun-17 11:37:37

Actually it stayed red, duh. Not enough sleep. But only just, both times. Had my heart set on getting rid of the useless fiscally incompetent so and so.

LovelyBath77 Fri 09-Jun-17 11:42:38

We have gone from blue to yellow.

MommaGee Fri 09-Jun-17 12:02:49

All those UKIP votes had to go somewhere that's exactly it. Really strong exit area, huge UKIP area. I need to move

BabsGanoush Fri 09-Jun-17 12:09:25

We stayed Blue smile with an increase, neighbouring authority remained red with a decrease smile

metspengler Fri 09-Jun-17 12:18:06

All those UKIP votes had to go somewhere.

Interestingly either most or half of the UKIP vote seemed to swing to Labour in an awful lot of constituencies.

Not surprising to many grass roots activists, but apparently surprising to Theresa May.

SauvignonBlanche Fri 09-Jun-17 12:21:32

I've learnt to get involved, I took leave from work and have been knocking on doors, with the desired result in my highly marginal constituency - I'm fucking delighted. grin

CaptainAmericasShield Fri 09-Jun-17 12:25:27

Walsall? Don't get it either

FreeNiki Fri 09-Jun-17 12:28:38

My area just went back to blue. Im happy

People can vote for who ever they like.

Also this:

MommaGee Fri 09-Jun-17 12:30:22

Yes Captain.
The rest of the bloody Midlands is Labor!! OK so Aldridge Borwnhills but its well posh aye it up there haha

MommaGee Fri 09-Jun-17 12:31:36

It wouldn't be so bad if so many people hadn't not bloody bothered, we have a low comparative turnout, 50 something %

PlayOnWurtz Fri 09-Jun-17 12:32:10

Like a pp said when areas are shit people eventually get fed up and vote for change. It happened here.

MommaGee Fri 09-Jun-17 12:45:52

I am amazed the same MP has sat here for 38 years.

We've had so so many financial cuts, have lost our youth clubs and soon our libraries. Redundancies throughout the Council. Just worried what this will lead to really not as freeNiki suggests having a tantrum

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