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To not go into work tomorrow?

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Ginmakesitallok Thu 08-Jun-17 20:58:09

I've recently increased my hours from 3 to 4 days a week. Was supposed to be working Fridays. Ive been in every day this week, leaving early on Wednesday to take kids to dentist (left about an hour and a half early). Last week I was in every day too.

Wibu not to go in tomorrow? Was planning on doing a couple of hours, but feel like finishing this bottle of wine and having a nice lazy baking day.

I should go in shouldn't I? I've also got the period from hell and am knackered.

EggysMom Thu 08-Jun-17 21:00:11

Do you have that kind of flexibility to work the hours that suit you, is nobody expecting you to be in tomorrow or reliant on you?

Ginmakesitallok Thu 08-Jun-17 21:02:25

Yes, I'm in charge of my own workload. No meetings tomorrow. Clear diary, so would be a couple of hours in the office.

Ginmakesitallok Thu 08-Jun-17 21:49:25

You guys aren't helping - and I'm 3/4 of the war through a bottle of wine!

Nymerialuna Thu 08-Jun-17 21:51:18

If they are expecting you then you should at least pop in, show your face and tell them you only popping in briefly then buggar off around 10 and enjoy the rest of the day.
If they aren't expecting you, or you can get away with a quick call or text then I would say a PJ and lazy baking day is totally in order.

winobaglady Thu 08-Jun-17 21:52:26

Stay home. It's important your kids and your colleagues learn from your example about working flexibly.
You are being a role model.
Now, wine

HandbagCrazy Thu 08-Jun-17 22:03:24

Completely unrelated but what kind of job do you do that you are under no obligation to go in on your agreed day? Am very jealous envy

If it's going to have no impact on anyone else then I would definitely stay home!

Ginmakesitallok Thu 08-Jun-17 22:07:14

I basically have to do my hours and get my job done. I'm very productive when I'm in - they get their money's worth! I've got fixed 3 days (but work them flexibly, if I'm needed in on my days off I come in). My extra hours can be done over the 2 days.

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