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Polling card

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StewPots Thu 08-Jun-17 07:07:23

Morning all!

So E-Day is here but I haven't received my polling card!! Thought it would come this week but nope, nothing when I got home from work...

What do I do?!

OvertiredandConfused Thu 08-Jun-17 07:08:59

Just go to the Polling station. As long as you are on the Electoral Register you'll be fine. You don't need your card to vote

RainbowDashian Thu 08-Jun-17 07:10:09

I don't think I've had one either shock. Where I am you can vote without it so I'll still be voting as I'm definitely registered.

StewPots Thu 08-Jun-17 07:12:06

Ah ok, I'll just go to the same hall I always go to as usual then and speak to the chaps manning it...thanks all.

I was panicking that for the first time in my adult life I wouldn't be able to vote!

SparklyLeprechaun Thu 08-Jun-17 07:12:27

You don't need one to vote, but it might mean you are not on the electoral register. Just go to the poll station and see if you are on their list.

theaveragewife Thu 08-Jun-17 07:12:54

Strange, I haven't received one either!

Shloooooob Thu 08-Jun-17 07:13:54

I haven't had one either!

PotteringAlong Thu 08-Jun-17 07:15:24

You don't need it! Just go to your local polling station.

wowl Thu 08-Jun-17 07:16:06

You definitely don't need one to vote, if you're registered to vote you'll be on the list in the polling station!

So go do your voting wink

and Vote Labour!

Northgate Thu 08-Jun-17 07:16:13

Yes, you can vote without a polling card, provided that you're on the electoral register.

Northgate Thu 08-Jun-17 07:20:40

My local council has a bit on their website where you can use your postcode to check where your polling station is.

Other councils may have something similar if you're unsure where to vote without a polling card.

kaytee87 Thu 08-Jun-17 07:33:03

Yeah you don't need it. I always chuck mine out and never had a problem.

Mouikey Thu 08-Jun-17 07:39:01

You don't need your card to vote (unless I think you're in Northern Ireland, where you also must take ID too). If you are concerned give your council a call and they can check the register for you.

If you are not in the register please don't get grumpy with the people at the polling station - many are working the polls as an additional role and are not involved in the register etc. If they are good, they should try everything and contact the office to help you vote.

StewPots Thu 08-Jun-17 07:52:27

Thanks all, yes I'll head to my polling station shortly, it's the same one I've used for nearly a decade and it's a smallish town so I'm likely to know one of the polling station guardians (?!? That's what I always call them for some reason grin) ...

Happy voting everyone!

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