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AIBU to seriously wonder who reads The Daily Mail and The Sun?

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Blandings Wed 07-Jun-17 08:36:12

Both papers today have done themselves proud with their anti-Labour rhetoric and lies/misinformation.

So it does beg the question, who reads this rubbish and believes it? Anybody with half a brain cell and google can find facts out for themselves.

Am I being naive and people just don't want the truth, they want a version of facts that they believe is true?

Apart from anything else, it's just absolutely rubbish journalism.

ssd Wed 07-Jun-17 08:39:25

I agree

sadly, half the country seem to read this drivel and believe it all

its the older people being interviewed on tv saying they'll vote for TM as she's a strong woman and she'll get us a good deal in Brexit, like shes the headteacher and the rest of the EU leaders will bow down to her

I just so dont get it, she's damaging the NHS beyond repair and these older people are the very ones who use it the most.

BonjourMeDarlin Wed 07-Jun-17 08:40:13

I will never read the Sun because of Hillsborough. I remember the headlines from when I was child and it's still a vile paper.

Lookforthelight Wed 07-Jun-17 08:42:03

Well I'd say a vast majority of mn read The Daily Mail online. They may moan and say how shit it is but when people are posting articles, I'd say majority of the time it's from the DM.

ssd Wed 07-Jun-17 08:42:28

I dont think people dont want the truth, I think people are too busy/lazy/dim to really go rooting for it and there's so much out there they dont know where to start. Most people think buying a paper in the morning then watching 15 minutes of the news at 6pm is enough politics for them, so the lies they read in that short time coming from the right wing media is what shapes their views.

Amethistle Wed 07-Jun-17 08:42:46

My grandparents read DM and my partner TS. I skim-read them if they are laying around. Personally, I prefer the free newspapers... wink

Nikephorus Wed 07-Jun-17 08:44:32

so the lies they read in that short time coming from the right wing media is what shapes their views.
And from the left wing media? No-one who reads The Guardian gets influenced by that? Or who reads the bollocks spouted on Mumsnet and lacks the brain cells to think for themselves?

DJBaggySmalls Wed 07-Jun-17 08:44:50

They appeal to peoples emotions.

LoisWilkersonsLastNerve Wed 07-Jun-17 08:45:36

They are stupid. It's really that simple. Unfortunately you can't argue with stupid.

TheNewMrsTomHardy Wed 07-Jun-17 08:46:37

My parents, unfortunately, get The Mail.
Both of them Tories, use the words "rag heads" and love Katie Hopkins.

metspengler Wed 07-Jun-17 08:46:46

Grubby lower class people who probably don't even live near a waitrose or a good school.

Yuck - probably best to ignore them if you can, but if you are stuck with them try to explain what sort of newspapers they should read.

PigletWasPoohsFriend Wed 07-Jun-17 08:47:12

So the Mirror and Guardian are completely truthful?

Let's not pretend they aren't all a bit detached from the truth.

KingJoffreysRestingCuntface Wed 07-Jun-17 08:47:23

Older people I look after read the Daily Mail. Very traditional, middle-class types.

Although there was a kerfuffle last night over the price. It's 65p now, but used to be a tuppence ha'penny. Price rise has been deemed daylight robbery.

So if you're reading this, DM, sort your prices out.

waitforitfdear Wed 07-Jun-17 08:47:36

Well you presumably if you know the content. I don't because I don't read any papers.

why have you picked just those papers? The mirror and the guardian are just as crap and biased.

Loads of mumsnetters read the mail on line because so many links are from there.

Stop reading the crap op and maybe inform yourself.

SootSprite Wed 07-Jun-17 08:47:43

Apparently, the Daily Mail has 29million readers (print and online) every month, and is the most read newspaper in the U.K. So you're saying every single one of these people has just half a brain cell?

Whatever happened to allowing people to have an opposing view without resorting to insults? If you don't like it, don't read it, it's that simple. They're not breaking any laws.

waitforitfdear Wed 07-Jun-17 08:49:15

X post you piglet

The irony of a thread asking who reads these papers as the content is crap. grin

Kokusai Wed 07-Jun-17 08:49:57

Totally anecdotal - but apparently working at the Sun is a fairly prized job. The paper aims to be accessible around a reading age of 7 (yes, 7) and it is quite a journalistic skill to get headlines and prose into that low reading age format.

LoisWilkersonsLastNerve Wed 07-Jun-17 08:50:26

There's misinformation and bias in most newspapers you need to get your info from a range of sources and of course your own experiences. They aren't insignificant.

RufusTheRenegadeReindeer Wed 07-Jun-17 08:50:29


Grubby lower class people who probably don't even live near a waitrose or a good school

Dont be silly

Plus to be fair there are waitroses all over the shop grin though i was upset when it didnt open one in our village

justmatureenough2bdad Wed 07-Jun-17 08:51:58

Probably all the people who resent the sneering disdain of the self-appointed moral, political and intellectual superiors...

CrossWordSalad Wed 07-Jun-17 08:52:16

I could ask exactly the same question about the Guardian OP. Except in my view, it's even worse. At least the Mail and Sun are blatant in their propaganda. The Guardian hides it behind a veneer of objectivity and open-mindedness, which some people seem gullible enough to believe.

Allofaflumble Wed 07-Jun-17 08:52:38

Lois you sound like a prejudiced bigot. Well done. Home goal I think.

justmatureenough2bdad Wed 07-Jun-17 08:52:42

Probably all the people who resent the sneering disdain of the self-appointed moral, political and intellectual superiors...

ssd Wed 07-Jun-17 08:53:32

yep, the daily mail is the most popular

CrossWordSalad Wed 07-Jun-17 08:54:50

Is this thread just a subtle way of calling Tory voters thick, can I ask?

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