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Crap present for DD from ex husband

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cowshindtail Tue 06-Jun-17 18:31:38

AIBU to consider that the present that my ex husband gave our DD for her birthday/s must be a contender for the crappiest ever?He often forgets her birthday and thinks that she is a year younger than she is (she is 23 and he totally forgot her 21st).Yesterday evening he treated her to dinner at a nearby value restaurant (£16 for them both) and handed over her present -a plastic VW badge.He is comfortably off by the way,so not struggling financially.

PeppaPigTastesLikeBacon Tue 06-Jun-17 18:33:01

That's pretty crap. What does your DD say? What gifts did you get when you were together

glamourousgranny42 Tue 06-Jun-17 18:40:39

Think I can top that. My ex sent our 16yr old vegetarian DS a drinking horn - made from actual animal horn! Even my very polite son was WTF???

Hisnamesblaine Tue 06-Jun-17 18:51:29

It's just so random. Does she have a interest in cars?

BandeauSally Tue 06-Jun-17 18:53:07

Does she drive a VW?

RiversrunWoodville Tue 06-Jun-17 18:56:22

Is there any hope he's building up to buy her a vw <remembers own ex and realises futility of that question>

disneykid Tue 06-Jun-17 18:59:45

I haven't got a present from my dad for years. But I know he's a let down and it doesn't surprise me. If be lucky if I actually got to see him on my birthday. Although he does remember and I mean enough to get a text message. Twat. Some people are just knobheads.

ijustwannadance Tue 06-Jun-17 19:01:20

Is the rest of the car hidden somewhere with a big bow on? (clutching at straws)

Or maybe he will give her a different part every birthday and Christmas until she has a whole oneconfused

Or maybe he is just a thoughtless, stingy twat.

Cuppaoftea Tue 06-Jun-17 19:04:04

YABU. I'd say it's more important he took her out for a meal and spent the time with her.

missiondecision Tue 06-Jun-17 19:06:52

I agree agree with cuppa. Time is important.
What's the significance of a VW badge though?

CrispyBathTowel Tue 06-Jun-17 19:09:24

Cuppa presumably you'll be getting your DC the same or similar as a present for their next birthday then?

OP - I think I'd rather no present at all than that if I were your 23 yr old DD

choli Tue 06-Jun-17 19:13:07

As an adult I never expected birthday gifts, crappy or not, from my parents. It seems a strange expectation to me.

Why do you feel so sure that you know your ex's financial situation?

MargotLovedTom1 Tue 06-Jun-17 19:15:45

Is he an old Beastie Boys fan or something?!

Cuppaoftea Tue 06-Jun-17 19:17:09

Crispy My kids are a lot younger so birthdays a big deal.

Once in my 20s and living independently I enjoyed going for birthday meals with my parents but wasn't bothered about an additional present.

IHateUncleJamie Tue 06-Jun-17 19:21:59

YANBU. Unless there is a VW Polo wrapped up elsewhere. Just a badge (assuming she isn't a collector of random car badges, obvs) is naff.

Emmageddon Tue 06-Jun-17 19:32:40

He's obviously bought her a vintage VW camper, the lucky girl.

Hang on, she's 23? A meal with her dad is great, budget restaurant or not, she's past the age to get a proper, expensive, sparkly, gift-wrapped present, surely?

WimbledonMum1 Tue 06-Jun-17 19:32:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jellybean85 Tue 06-Jun-17 19:35:05

She's in her twenties? Their relationship isn't really your concern anymore if she thinks he's stingy or mean she could cut him out.
He took her out to dinner and spent time with her. Lots of deadbeat parents wouldn't bother. Weird gift but I stopped getting them at all after 21 so a token or joke gift would seem fine

joangray38 Tue 06-Jun-17 19:36:09

I can beat that . My dad always buys my cousins really nice presents. I get zip because I am on pip and esa so he pays for me through his taxes.

cowshindtail Tue 06-Jun-17 19:37:18

She has got a classic VW beetle which she bought herself-she is on a fulltime uni course,but also has a couple of jobs too and works very hard.But the car was bought complete with it's own metal badges.

cowshindtail Tue 06-Jun-17 19:43:33

I know about his financial situation from the knowledge that he has 2 businesses -a hotel and an office cleaning business -I only found out about the second from googling him.My daughter has been to the house that he also owns which is apparently very nice and he also has his state pension and pension from where he worked for years.

MatildaTheCat Tue 06-Jun-17 19:45:06

Any particular reason he's an ex?

Zampa Tue 06-Jun-17 19:48:05

So, he took her out for dinner, spent (quality?) time with her and bought her a present that reflects her interests ...


(Also I know many small business owners who are far from rich).

lalalalyra Tue 06-Jun-17 19:48:29

My cousin was given a ruler for her birthday by her Dad once. To add insult to injury he thought it was a good present because it was a Disney ruler - he bought it when he was away with his new wife and her younger siblings.

Fooshufflewickbannanapants Tue 06-Jun-17 19:48:35

Of it makes you feel better my ex mil bought my daughter a barbie comic and a freedom frog for her last birthday..........she was 16 😐

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