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To feel aggrieved

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UnconsideredTrifles Sat 03-Jun-17 12:23:06

This morning DH received a letter from the Labour campaign, asking him to vote for them. A couple of weeks ago he had a letter from the Tories, ditto. Every time there's ANY SORT of election he gets friendly letters asking for his support

AIBU to feel AGGRIEVED that none of them are writing to me - is my vote less valuable? Grrr.

bigchris Sat 03-Jun-17 20:33:15

That's pants !

Shoxfordian Sat 03-Jun-17 20:57:55

Are you on the electoral roll? It should be addressed to both of you?

DerelictWreck Sat 03-Jun-17 21:01:13

That's bizarre - I got all mine as normal! Are you registered to that address?

Huldra Sat 03-Jun-17 21:02:53

Have you recieved a polling card? It seems odd never to get any.

Sometimes they will send out a mailing to one person on the electoral roll first, then the other person at a slightly later date.

RNBrie Sat 03-Jun-17 21:06:07

You get one (I think) mailshot funded by the government per candidate so you definitely should have had one from each party running a candidate in your area. Are you sure you're registered? It's too late now if you aren't but it's very weird you haven't had anything.

Huldra Sat 03-Jun-17 22:20:57

Yes, one is funded by the government.

The others are paid for by the individual parties and targeted at who they want. Your husband may be showing on various party databases as a potential voter for them. Say if he's replied to calls asking who he's voting for and he said I don't know, or I usually vote Green and now thinking of UKip.

Tory, I've had the one "funded" one through the post. Then saw them hand deliverying leaflets, they looked at the poster in my window and walked away. I had to go out and ask for one grin no interest in voting for them but I like to look anyway.

Labour, I've had tons of stuff. Last year I went through a Labour sponsored online thing and am now targeted by them.

Lib Dems I get tons of stuff because I'm a member.

UKip I get nothing

Green we've had nothing at all this year. I usually get a generic hand delivered leaflet to the household.

treaclesoda Sat 03-Jun-17 22:23:35

I get letters from all the political parties but DH gets none.

I wondered if it might be alphabetical or something? We have the same surname but my first name comes before his.

UnconsideredTrifles Sun 04-Jun-17 00:18:09

Treacle - that might be it, he is ahead of me in the alphabet.

I'm definitely registered to vote! It's ironic really since of the two of us I'm the one more interested in it, and I registered him to vote in the first place!

I feel ignored.... I'm now hoping we get some campaigners in the next few days so I can complain at them (maternity leave with MUCH too much time on my hands, clearly...)

MimsyFluff Sun 04-Jun-17 02:08:53

I keep getting letters and leaflets from the conservatives it's full of lies! None of my local friends are receiving these swear someone's signed me up as some sort of sick joke angry

Labour MP was outside my house preaching with a megaphone my Dogs bark at people walking past, knocking on my door and yet no reaction to our awesome MP

NonStopDisco Sun 04-Jun-17 02:39:58

Mimsy DH is getting a load of stuff directed to him from the Conservative party. Personally, I think it must be a false flag thing from the Green Party, the fury at the Conservatives flooding the house with their shiny unrecyclable leaflets translates at votes for them (the Green Party)?

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