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To not want to give my name and address to buy a tshirt?

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DrivingMeDaisy Fri 02-Jun-17 15:04:12

Just popped into Joules and bought 3 kids tshirts. At till point asked if I've shopped there before? Yes. Then asked for postcode, surname, then title, at which point I asked why it was needed as I just wanted to buy some tshirts. Sales assistant completely thrown, apparently they need it for their mailing list and to send me offers (which wasn't explained and I didn't want). AIBU to not want to have to give personal details just to buy some clothing? Noticing this more and more in shops now.

bakedbeansandtuna Fri 02-Jun-17 15:14:01

I've never had that but Vic's Secret and TopShop ask for email addresses.

I decline and just get a normal receipt as you end up on mailing lists which I don't want.

Albatross26 Fri 02-Jun-17 15:14:54

And email receipts too, then they bombard you with junk. Just give me a paper one or none at all!

GeorgeTheHamster Fri 02-Jun-17 15:16:11

I just say I don't want to give the information. They don't seem to mind.

justkeepswimmingg Fri 02-Jun-17 15:17:57

I got this in mothercare before. I just said 'no thank you'. The woman behind the till seemed a bit confused, but didn't question it. Ive signed up with them online, but I don't need any more of their emails cluttering my inbox.

Aliveinwanderland Fri 02-Jun-17 15:18:16

Tell them you have escaped from prison and are on the run so can't give your details!

peachgreen Fri 02-Jun-17 15:28:37

I don't mind getting my own receipts by email (gmail is very good at filtering out junk so I don't care about mailing lists) but I do get the rage at getting other people's receipts when they mistakenly (or on purpose) give out my email address. There's one particular woman in Bristol who has given out my email address to about a dozen different shops and I now know everything she's bought in the last six months!

BeesOnTheWing Fri 02-Jun-17 15:33:09

I just say no and assistants have accepted that.

BlahBlahBlahEtc Fri 02-Jun-17 15:34:08

They do this in mothercare and it's really irritating. Especially if there's people in the queue behind because they then know my postcode and house number....

NeedMoreSleepOrSugar Fri 02-Jun-17 15:37:03

i say no thank you every time. No-one has seemed overly surprised.

PyongyangKipperbang Fri 02-Jun-17 15:42:39

My sister had that in Evans the other day, the woman said it was so she could get an email receipt.

I always just say that I dont give my personal details. Most places are ok with it but the woman in matalan seemed very pissed off that I didnt have and didnt want one of their cards and took it personally when I insisted that no, I dont want it and I will not be giving you my details and if you dont stop asking I will buy my knickers elsewhere!

Laiste Fri 02-Jun-17 15:44:21

It still always throws me when they ask, even though i know it's a thing now. I think i stare blankly at them for a moment grin

I just say oh, no it's ok thanks. No one's ever pressed. Mothercare do it yes, Fat Face did recently i think. A lot of 'boutique' type shops ask.

Aridane Fri 02-Jun-17 15:48:28

Bravissimo do this. I find it very helpful as it means I don't have to keep receipts and the purchase shows under 'my account'.

Mexxi Fri 02-Jun-17 15:50:02

I bought an egg timer in Lakeland and was asked for my email address. i just declined to give it.

Roomster101 Fri 02-Jun-17 15:52:01

I always refuse to give it. Some shop assistants seem quite taken aback though- not sure why!

DrivingMeDaisy Fri 02-Jun-17 15:52:27

It's the shop assistants who seem annoyed when you question why they need to know, that frustrate me. I've also had this in Mamas and Papas and Cath Kidston, if they explained that they wanted to add me on their mailing list I would just say no thank you. But asking for your postcode as soon as you get to the till point with no explanation....Big Brother!

Hdgshsksk Fri 02-Jun-17 15:52:44

Sales assistant completely thrown

Really? I think she must have been new. It's totally normal to decline to give your personal details. I just say that I don't want to 🤷🏻‍♀️ and, err, that's it.

No need to make up excuses or a witty comeback.

TSSDNCOP Fri 02-Jun-17 15:54:50

Simply decline, surely everyone on earth knows why they're asking by now?

I have a separate email account for this stuff as I think email receipts are handy and I know where to look if there's an offer going on.

Hdgshsksk Fri 02-Jun-17 15:55:57

If the shop assistants seem annoyed when you refuse then maybe it the way that you refuse rather than the fact that you refuse IYSWIM . I have never had anyone be the least bit shirty with me about it and it's quite a regular occurance.

Vroomster Fri 02-Jun-17 15:57:09

When they start to ask for my email I just ask for a paper receipt.

OpheliaHamlet Fri 02-Jun-17 16:01:22

I've had it at a MAC make-up store in Covent Garden. As she was taking my payment, the sales assistant very matter-of-factly started asking my name, address, etc. Really surprised me. But I just said 'no thank you' and it seemed to be accepted.
Only encountered that in MAC stores. Very annoying sales tactic.

Themoonhatesthestars Fri 02-Jun-17 16:03:17

I had this when trying to buy a bracelet for my friends birthday. They wouldn't sell me it without my details and were shocked when I walked out of the shop without the item and one of the assistants said to another as I was leaving "did she actually just do that"!!! Hmmmm, yes I did.

BarbaraofSeville Fri 02-Jun-17 16:04:48

YANBU. They usually say something like 'have you got an email address so we can send you information about our latest offers' and I just say that I don't, mainly because I can't be arsed spelling it out for them - I have an extremely common in both senses of the word first name and a very short last name, but my first name has two spellings and no-one ever gets my last name right, if it isn't spelt out for them.

I'd also rather not get so much spam. I know where to look if I want to see what they sell.

LooksBetterWithAFilter Fri 02-Jun-17 16:04:53

Sales assistants do often seem confused when I say no thank you.
I had this innrun for it recently and the guy serving me promised that I wouldn't get junk it was purely for my receipt. Told him I'd be back to hunt him down if I got any spam emails grin

BluePeppers Fri 02-Jun-17 16:08:42

Postcode used to be to be able to know where peole were coming from so it woud knowing if it was worth opening a shop closer to you for example. Or more generally where their customers are coming from.

They do uch with a postcode so really i don't have an issue with that.
But email or full address is different and not on.

I have to say, depending on what i am buying i like the receipt by email (and ive used that to get some refund on shoes that died quite quickly)
But then the only shop that has proposed that to me so far has also NOT send me an email everyday with special offers etc...
I wouldnt do for clothes for example.

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