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To put food in the general waste bin?

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BenjaminLinus Fri 02-Jun-17 13:08:07

Our brown (food) bin was emptied this morning and we've just had squid & fish for lunch. AIBU to put the bits in the general waste bin that gets emptied tomorrow rather than leave it to fester for a fortnight in the brown bin? Don't particularly want a fetid maggoty stinky bin in the sun.

LiveLongAndProspero Fri 02-Jun-17 13:38:31

Is this really a question for MN? Put your stinky crap in whatever bin you like!

Dobbyandme Fri 02-Jun-17 14:08:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hillarious Fri 02-Jun-17 14:26:21

Our food always goes in the food waste bin. It has a lid.

Delatron Fri 02-Jun-17 14:42:03

I think they should collect food weekly or it really honks and is prone to maggots. If yours is every two weeks, then for fish, yes I would stick it in the general waste.

HornyTortoise Fri 02-Jun-17 15:34:33

We don't have brown bins here do those work for collection? We already struggle with the fortnightly recycle/general collections so if it would end up being every 3 weeks for each...we are fucked.

Have asked council for another general waste bin but been told no even though the council woman was sympathetic (we have an extra 3 kids on a weekend, 2 of them teenagers so go through a lot more waste than would be expected for a 2 adult 2 young kid house)

BuggerOffAndGoodDayToYou Fri 02-Jun-17 15:41:19

If you're that bothered why not wrap and freeze the waste and put it in the food bin nearer collection day.

My food waste is the only bin collected weekly and I can honestly say I've never had maggots in it (we've had food waste bins for years here).

The brown bags do sometimes get a bit of mould on the outside but I still the bin out with boiling water each week and that's it. I do the same with the bin I keep the 'current' bag in under the sink, never noticed a smell either but it does have a tight fitting lid.

treaclesoda Fri 02-Jun-17 15:43:28

If you did it where I live they would refuse to empty your bin so then you'd still have a stinky bin.

treaclesoda Fri 02-Jun-17 15:43:31

If you did it where I live they would refuse to empty your bin so then you'd still have a stinky bin.

treaclesoda Fri 02-Jun-17 15:43:53


KimKardashiansArse Fri 02-Jun-17 16:34:28

I think the suggestion to freeze your rubbish is the funniest thing I've ever read on MN. 😂

KimKardashiansArse Fri 02-Jun-17 16:36:38

And 100% I would chuck it in the general waste bin.

SuburbanRhonda Fri 02-Jun-17 16:40:45

I froze two dead mice that DD was using for taxidermy so they didn't sit honking in the bin for a week.

Trouble was, I kept forgetting to put them in the bin so they actually stayed there for months grin

HornyTortoise Fri 02-Jun-17 16:47:01

If you did it where I live they would refuse to empty your bin so then you'd still have a stinky bin.

Really? How on earth does that would have nowhere to put the rest of your rubbish, would end up with a bunch of black bags outside and (most likely) an infestation of rats hmm

wiselyvanilla Fri 02-Jun-17 16:49:13

What an unusual lunch.
<<misses the point >>

Creatureofthenight Fri 02-Jun-17 16:49:15

That's bad of the council, our food waste gets collected every week once the weather gets warm.

SuburbanRhonda Fri 02-Jun-17 16:58:05

Our food gets collected every week too.

Otherwise there's no way the council would have got people to accept fortnightly collections for everything else.

LiveLongAndProspero Fri 02-Jun-17 16:59:38

Our brown bin is every fortnight, same as the green bin and the waste bin. It's never been a problem.

elevenclips Fri 02-Jun-17 17:00:14

Collecting food fortnightly is just filthy.
I'd put it in the main bin with no hesitation.

LiveLongAndProspero Fri 02-Jun-17 17:04:39

Why filthy? It's properly bagged up.

RafaIsTheKingOfClay Fri 02-Jun-17 17:10:33

Food waste and recycling weekly here. Everything else 3 weekly.

I'd put it in with the collection for tomorrow tbh. They're hardly likely to know.

Frankie89 Fri 02-Jun-17 17:13:33

It's not filthy at all, if you don't leave your food lying around or your bin lid open you shouldn't get maggots regardless of the weather.

Freezing food waste is a smart thing to do, not sure why it's so amusing to a PP.

The council where I live are pretty good, recycling one week and rubbish the next, then they alternate. Food goes with garden recycling and I've honestly never had maggots.

StepAwayFromTheEcclesCakes Fri 02-Jun-17 17:19:22

wrap it well in a bag / kitchen roll and bin it.

Oldraver Fri 02-Jun-17 17:20:48

I freeze mine in a couple of plastic tubs that have the click seals. I keep one in the fridge freezer and chuck it in the bottom of the chest freezer when smells at all.

That said I dont feel guilty about the odd thing going in the general bin the old yoghurt pot I've just found at the back of the fridge

niccyb Fri 02-Jun-17 17:41:27

We get biodegradable bags free from the council to put the food in and then that goes on the brown bin whether emptied or not.

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