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To think if you call an election you should take part in the democratic process?

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christinarossetti Fri 02-Jun-17 07:52:03

So, in addition to refusing to do the leadership debate TM is now also refusing to be interviewed by Woman's Hour.

If she can't handle the standard electoral proceedings, why on earth did she call an election and how on earth can she ask people to vote for her negotiating skills regarding Brexit?

AllThePrettySeahorses Fri 02-Jun-17 08:03:30

Are they a standard part of the election campaign though? I dislike the leaders' debates and Corbyn's Wednesday afternoon announcement he was appearing on TV when he must have known it was likely far too late for May to reschedule to join him was a silly stunt. If it's true that he decided on Monday, then it is even more pathetic.

christinarossetti Fri 02-Jun-17 08:12:07

But May calling an election then refusing to debate with the opposition is fine?

Ditto, not being able to handle a few questions from journalists.

She called this election out of arrogant, self aggrandising conceit, now she's hiding because it's not going her way.

SuburbanRhonda Fri 02-Jun-17 08:14:50

Corbyn is a seasoned speaker and campaigner so she'll always look inexperienced and out of her depth compared to him.

christinarossetti Fri 02-Jun-17 08:17:25

She's looked out of her depth compared to Sooty for the past few weeks.

Where does this incompetence in face to face discussions leave us with regard to Brexit negotiations, would you say?

CaptainWarbeck Fri 02-Jun-17 08:18:10

I don't know. You'd think if she's asking people to elect her the least she could do is give them some interviews/participate in debate.

I think she doesn't want to cock it up and have it on tape for replays. She says she wants to meet ordinary people on the streets, which is fine, but that doesn't mean she can't also do interviews, and interviews would get her views and policies out to a wider number of people.

Interviews are too risky, she's a coward and thinks she'll get elected anyway, which she probably will.

Wait4nothing Fri 02-Jun-17 08:21:05

Not showing her face means people who are already set on voting Tory will continue to do so - she's not giving them reason not to vote for her party.
I personally wouldn't vote for someone unable to give time to the electoral campaign.

Strictly1 Fri 02-Jun-17 08:21:23

I've interviewed people who have been brilliant with all the patter and then been naff and the opposite, where they've not come across brilliantly but other things have given me the hunch they'll be good and they have been. I don't think it's the only measure.

PigletWasPoohsFriend Fri 02-Jun-17 08:22:17

TM is now also refusing to be interviewed by Woman's Hour.

Apparently she was never going to do it so it isn't 'now she's refusing'.

Tbf Corbyn only decided to do the last debate on the day.

I think she should do them but in a way she's dammed if she does and dammed if she doesn't.

Paul Mason for example says that the centrist MPs are 'sulking' as they aren't appearing on stuff. Well that is difficult too when all you see on TV is Corbyn Abbott and McDonnell.

christinarossetti Fri 02-Jun-17 08:22:23

But she can't even cope with ordinary people on the streets.

When that lady spoke to her about losing her disability benefits and not being able to afford to live, May had nothing to say.

<Although in that situation saying nothing instead of 'I don't give a fuck' was probably more politically astute, if less candid>

moutonfou Fri 02-Jun-17 08:22:49

She doesn't think the TV debate shoulde part of the democratic process. Even if millions of us watch it.

It's reflective of her attitude to politics in general: she knows best, the opinion of the actual electorate is just an inconvenience. '

At my work we have a senior manager like her (dictatorial, condescending) and one like JC (warm, human, consultative) and I know who everyone prefers.

PigletWasPoohsFriend Fri 02-Jun-17 08:23:39

I personally wouldn't vote for someone unable to give time to the electoral campaign.

Tbf she is campaigning. She just hasn't done the debates Corbyn has only done one.

They are both on TV tonight.

DancingLedge Fri 02-Jun-17 08:25:20

TM is looking more and more like someone who's not prepared to debate the issues.

I really don't understand why. Does she think she doesn't owe that much to the public? Is she really just scared she'll lose a debate? On the evidence of her recent interviews, that's probably true.

Or does she just keep!repeating 'Strong and stable, strong and stable' like a demented dalek, and think that's the job done?

Issues and policies aside, I don't know when I've ever felt like a potential PM has behaved so contemptuously to the public ?

christinarossetti Fri 02-Jun-17 08:25:30

No, she's refused. She was invited, said no and us sending Greening. Saying 'no' is a refusal, is it not?

And indeed she is dammed if she does interviews, because she has nothing concrete to say and resorts to nervous laughter and meaningless sound bites when asked Really Hard questions like ' where are the costings in your manifesto?'

user1487175389 Fri 02-Jun-17 08:28:17

It's pure cowardice.

christinarossetti Fri 02-Jun-17 08:28:37

I agree about her utter lack of respect to ordinary voters.

And utter arrogance that all she had to do was say 'I'm not Jeremy Corbyn' to win.

Landslide's looking pretty unlikely isn't it?

makeourfuture Fri 02-Jun-17 08:29:43

Has May re-surfaced?

makeourfuture Fri 02-Jun-17 08:31:00

I mean I heard a rumour she was spotted stuck in traffic on the M25....

christinarossetti Fri 02-Jun-17 08:32:27

She was at a press call yesterday refusing to answer questions.

The strap line is now 'bright future' rather than 'strong and stable'.

She's making fewer personal comments about JC as he continues to rise in popularity and credibility.

PigletWasPoohsFriend Fri 02-Jun-17 08:33:30

Landslide's looking pretty unlikely isn't it?

Landslide yes. Increased majority no.

YouGov is the only one saying it will be hung all others are increasing majority.

In fact even Joe Twyman head of political at YouGov is saying 40-50 seat Tory majority.

AllThePrettySeahorses Fri 02-Jun-17 08:35:22

Corbyn doesn't engage with ordinary people either - at least not people who don't carry a 'JC4PM' sign in their handbag. May has repeatedly been called a leader without a mandate who should call an election INCLUDING by Corbyn himself (like here and during PMQs) - so she did. That's what Corbyn and his supporters very vociferously wanted and that's what they got. No point whinging about it.

noblegiraffe Fri 02-Jun-17 08:37:40

Even the Telegraph has tweeted an amusing video of her not answering questions properly. The Telegraph taking the piss out of her.

christinarossetti Fri 02-Jun-17 08:38:36

Eh? Corbyn's been an MP for years. He has spoken to thousands of his constituents.

Very well regarded one by all accounts.

noblegiraffe Fri 02-Jun-17 08:38:40

Oh dear does anyone really believe she called an election because Jeremy asked her to?!

ApocalypseNowt Fri 02-Jun-17 08:38:41

I think the Tories have decided that no Theresa May is better than a bad Theresa May.

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