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Am I paranoid

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user1475959200 Thu 01-Jun-17 08:53:00

I'll try not to make this too long I just need some advice. I feel so paranoid and stupid. slowly over the years I feel like I have been pushed out by some of my family
.A small bit of background I don't want to bore you all,my father isn't my biological father but to me he's dad .He remarried a woman who has made it fairly obvious she hasn't much time for me over the years.( too much to go into detail)
Together they have a daughter and now she is pregnant. She came to tell me she was but joked I was first to know because the other sister was still at work. They went to see the scan my other sister was invited but I wasn't asked.Other actions such as inviting my sister over for dinner excluding me and my family. Offering to look after my sisters dogs but saying they can't to ours. Days out where my sister is invited along and I am excluded. They constantly give my sister money and bail her out and have done always .Comments about my lifestyle such as taking holidays days out etc. By the way I never ever brag about these things as I know my sisters don't have as much money as me. I feel as if when I was in an unhappy relationship and had a lot of sadness in my life they preferred it. I don't feel as if I have changed I know deep down I am a good caring person . Perhaps it's my own fault as I do a lot of things with my own little family .
It's upsetting I suppose I am feeling this because she has always been the one I know deep down that they prefer.
If I say anything I know I will be ganged up on and it will start world war three. I suffer badly with anxiety my other two sisters are able to express themselves. I just tie my self up in knots and beat myself up inside and now I'm worrying I'm just being paranoid. I think because I'm not biologically my dads child and my sisters are it makes me have internal doubts. Anyone else had these issues in their family sorry if this is garbled.

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