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Has anyone replaced old storage heaters with something they could recommend?

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ferriswheel Wed 31-May-17 23:15:52

I'd be really interest if you could recommend something please. My storage heaters are very old. I'm starting to think it is maybe inevitable that I need to replace them but I don't really know where to start. If anyone can recommend anything I'd be delighted.

WhereYouLeftIt Wed 31-May-17 23:24:37

I love my underfloor heating.

No radiators placed under windows for the heat to escape out of. Warm underfoot so the pets love it too. No draughts, because every square inch of the room is the same temperature.

Love it.

NennyNooNoo Wed 31-May-17 23:55:26

If you replace them with a heating system using a renewable energy source, you can get regular payments back from the government for 7 years for 'being green'. We have an air source heat pump which is very economical to run and we get back nearly £1400 per year which more than covers our total fuel bill. Works best with underfloor heating. You can also get the RHI payments for other renewable heating methods including biofuels or geothermal. Air source is usually the cheapest to install though and requires less outdoor space.

WellThatSucks Thu 01-Jun-17 02:06:09

Heat pump here also which doubles as aircon in the summer, very economical, very energy efficient and very green (apparently) and we got a large tax credit for installing the system we chose. We're in the USA though and no one (we know) has radiators or storage heaters they all have heat pumps or forced air/hvac systems.

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