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To think this is a two horse race now...

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ArseOfInfinity Wed 31-May-17 23:12:49

And the choice is between a conservative brexit (happy with a disastrous no deal, probably won't cut immigration anyway, already pissed off the eu, may can't debate her own shadow let alone the eu)

Or a labour one (Tariff free access a priority, guaranteed rights of will migrants and U.K. Citizens abroad, will has agreed to delay negotiations in Jc gets in)

Even ignoring the other huge issues (school cuts, NHS etc.)

Why am I seeing some remainers go 'oh well, I didn't want brexit, I wanted to remain. Sign. Guess I'll vote Tory.'

What. The . Fuck?

Pleas explain that one to me without using the words strong and stable, I'm already pissed from debate bullshit bingo

UrethaFranklin Wed 31-May-17 23:24:55

Let's be realistic, it's always been a two horse race.

I'm not voting for labour and am fed up with explaining why not.

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