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Behaviour at school play yesterday

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user1485342611 Wed 31-May-17 10:51:57

We had:

The woman who put her child standing on a chair for a better view, despite the fact they were up near the front, and then stood herself for the remainder of the performance.

The baby who was allowed cry and disrupt the performance several times before the mother took her out

The family who all clattered in late and settled themselves with much scraping of chairs.

The whiny toddler whose parents loudly accommodated him, 'do you want to sit on my lap' 'here's a biscuit' etc

The adults who chatted together when their child wasn't on stage

And the mother who answered two phone calls during the play.

Not to mention the parents holding their phones up in front of everyone to record the whole thing.

Are some adults incapable of showing a bit of cop on and consideration for half a bloody hour?

Awwlookatmybabyspider Wed 31-May-17 11:31:13

YANBU. That's the epitome of rudness. If its not their little treasure in the lime light. No other child matters. I'm afraid. Its Just down right selfishness.

leccybill Wed 31-May-17 11:39:33

So many people get right on my last nerve these days. Why is every bugger so entitled?

user1485342611 Wed 31-May-17 11:46:14

I was very glad our child had a part that required her to shout a lot. Otherwise we wouldn't have heard a thing she was saying.

bailz Wed 31-May-17 12:21:00

Not much you can do about the toddler and baby crying (we've all been there, you try and settle as best you can before taking them out... the parents don't want to miss it either and have the child on stage think their parents don't care about them)
Re the phones/phone calls/ general chatter, people should have the common courtesy (as my dad did 20+ years ago) to stand at the back with the zoom on to film the performance and take phone calls outside! Tbf, the teachers/volunteers should be making sure this happens too

user1485342611 Wed 31-May-17 12:23:57

I know the parents don't want to miss it, but if their crying baby drowns out the one line someone else's child has to say in the play, or a solo song they've been practising for weeks, then you're ruining it for another family. That's surely a bit unfair?

Trifleorbust Wed 31-May-17 12:25:35

God, you sound hard work. So what if they put the toddler on their knee?

user1485342611 Wed 31-May-17 12:26:42

I was talking about constant loud chatting to their toddler throughout the play e.g. 'do you want to sit on my lap'.

As I think you know.

WinkyisbackontheButterBeer Wed 31-May-17 12:26:53

It's so sad but it happens all the time. At our nativity last year a parent was clearly worse for wear and spent the whole thing swearing on his mobile.
Eventually I crawled screw the floor, from where I was directing my class, and said to him
Or I will take it off you and have you removed!

I got three cheers from the other parents at the end of the performance. He at least looked shamefaced.
Possibly my proudest moment.

MrGrumpy01 Wed 31-May-17 12:27:33

I went to a Shakespeare in Schools performance. As it was a large venue and the children not mic'ed you had to really listen to hear them.

There was talking during the performances, rustling of sweet wrappers, cans being opened (they are actually pretty loud) and very fidgety small children.

Trouble with the latter is that every family member feels the need to attend so no babysitters whereas we knew our other 2 children wouldn't be able to sit still so dh had to stay at home.

Coloursthatweremyjoy Wed 31-May-17 12:31:21

Should cameras and phones be allowed in a children's performance? Sounds like the organisers need to set some ground rules.

WateryTart Wed 31-May-17 12:33:27

This is why so many heads ban younger DCs from performances. A shame they can't ban cuntish parents as well.

Trifleorbust Wed 31-May-17 12:34:08

No, I didn't know. Like I say, hard work.

user1485342611 Wed 31-May-17 12:34:19

Yes, I wish they'd just ban phones altogether. But there'd probably be an outcry from parents who want to film it.

user1485342611 Wed 31-May-17 12:35:13

Why is it hard work Trifle to wish that parents would show a bit of consideration for others at a school play?

Trifleorbust Wed 31-May-17 12:36:52

Because you sound like perfectly reasonable, normal behaviour bothers you.

StillStayingClassySanDiego Wed 31-May-17 12:37:44

The behaviour you describe suggests that these parents were rude and inconsiderate and didn't give a shiny shite about anyone else.

I don't think you sound hard work at allconfused.

thatdearoctopus Wed 31-May-17 12:38:03

Yesterday? Are you not on half term this week?

user1485342611 Wed 31-May-17 12:38:35

Right, so you think the behaviour I outlined in my opening post is 'perfectly reasonable and normal'.

Seriously, you would answer your phone, chat away to your toddler, stand up and block others views and clatter in late and see nothing wrong with that?


user1485342611 Wed 31-May-17 12:38:59

I'm in Ireland thatdear.

Lottapianos Wed 31-May-17 12:41:45

Trifle, stop being ridiculous

OP, I would be furious too. A lot of people have no consideration for anyone else. I absolutely agree that phones, iPads etc should be banned from school performances, as should younger siblings. Sadly its a case of the few ruining it for the many but its so unfair on the children and teachers who have worked so hard.

SideOrderofSprouts Wed 31-May-17 12:42:36

Our head is brilliant. At the start of each performance she informs people that whilst siblings are welcome they will be asked to leave if they make too much noise. That mobile phones are to be on silent and any,pre disturbing will be asked to leave

You still get people with iPads etc but that's society now

TheFairyCaravan Wed 31-May-17 12:44:49

You don't sound like hardwork at all OP and it was very obvious that you were talking about the parent's responses to the toddler.

Clawdy Wed 31-May-17 12:46:12

I once sat in a church as our local primary performed their Christmas production, with music and songs. The audience of parents chatted most of the way through, then as the choir started, one mum said loudly "This is worse than the bleedin' recorders!"

user1485342611 Wed 31-May-17 12:46:30

Thanks Fairy and Stillstaying smile

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