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Labour policies

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waggawagga Wed 31-May-17 09:06:37

Ok I have been thinking about this

1). If uni fees are scrapped, doesn't this massively help the rich

2) if 30 hours child care is induced for ALL 2-4 years olds, doesn't this help the people who can most afford it as well...

ShatnersWig Wed 31-May-17 09:07:37

I don't think you've actually thought that much about this

c3pu Wed 31-May-17 09:22:39

It's almost as though the richer, more priveledged people won't want to vote labour!

acquiescence Wed 31-May-17 09:34:34

Labour are a party who wish to improve lives for everyone. This doesn't mean they wish to enforce policies which are detrimental to more wealthy people.

waitforitfdear Wed 31-May-17 09:37:31

Labour are a party that want to help everyone but unfortunately those pesky maths problems keep getting in the way of this utopia.

ShatnersWig Wed 31-May-17 09:40:33

wait Although as the IFS have have said that NEITHER Labour OR Tory plans are "honest" your point doesn't really hold water.

acquiescence Wed 31-May-17 10:21:26

The tories haven't even costed most of the plans in their manifesto, not sure what that says about their 'maths problems'.

PortiaCastis Wed 31-May-17 10:24:20

Why haven't the tories done any maths at all ?

WorldsacpeLove Wed 31-May-17 10:25:53

On tuition fees:

The Labour Party have appeared to not discuss the scrapping of tuittion fees this September with anyone. Universities have already been stuffed by Brexit, Trump, and many departments have had huge cuts due to NHS funding being reduced, as well as low prices in commodity trades...

There is not a hope in hell many of the smaller universities will be able to have tuition fees slashed to 0 from this September and survive. Russell group universities will likely be fine, as will be Oxbridge, however the smaller universities, where grade boundaries are slightly lower (but teaching still very good), where the cost of living is significantly cheaper, and where many children from lower-income families choose to go due to the cost of living, are going to really suffer.

And. I feel it's totally crap to get prospective student's hope's up by telling them that university fees will be slashed, when it's totally not achievable. I fear there are going to be devastating consequences and it won't be for young adults from wealthy families.

AtMidnight Wed 31-May-17 18:04:11

Ssssh. Labour are great and Tories are bad.

If you question it, you're been brainwashed by the patriarchy!

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