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It's a playground one...

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SomewhatIdiosyncratic Tue 30-May-17 18:47:07

At the playground with DS1 (6) and DS2 (4).

They were playing on a tower with a ladder, a sort of climbing wall (smooth slope with rope) and slide. DS2 has been able to climb the ladder since he was 2, and the wall since he was 3.

I was loitering nearby as the only bench was taken. DCs were playing with each other, mainly a game where they worked together to get a (light, cheapy) football up the tower to roll down the slide then going down the slide themselves.

At one point, I told the 6 yo to not go up the slide and to come back down because there were other children at the top, and to mind the little boy (approx 18m) at the bottom. He was stood at the side with his hands on the chute so a risk of DS sliding in to them. A couple of times I told them to hurry up down the slide because other children were waiting. The 18m boy was also hanging around the bottom of the climbing wall. He was too small to use the wall or the ladder.

At one point the ball rolled off along the ground and a little girl (approx 3 yo) went to play with it. The 4 yo called at her not to touch it. I told him not to shout at her. At no other point did either DC shout. They didn't touch any other children or really interact with them, no upsets. All was pretty peaceful all round.

Each time I spoke to my DCs they responded positively. No shouting or fuss needed because I was close and they responded.

As we left we walked past the bench that had been occupied for the full 10-15 minutes by the parents of the toddler boy. The father made a clearly projected comment that I can only assume was about us as no one else was passing by and was directed to the toddler, about nasty children because their parents don't bother parenting!

AIBU to think that this comment was deeply ironic from a person who hadn't moved off the bench to keep a close eye on a very young child around equipment that they were to young for, and also AIBU to think that had he moved off the bench he would have noticed that I was actively parenting my DCs to be mindful of other children, and that my DCs only crime was to act in an age appropriate manner and therefore a passive aggressive dig was really not necessary. confused

I decided to ignore as the accusation was so daft it didn't get my adrenaline going enough to make me want to argue the point. I just thought it was rather ironic!

ahipponamedbooboobutt Tue 30-May-17 18:50:59

My husband always tells me "never assume". The comment wasn't specifically spoken to you, about you, and therefore you should not assume it is about you. Therefore YABU to be annoyed about this. Move on

CherieBabySpliffUp Tue 30-May-17 18:50:59

I would pay it no attention

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