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AIBU to give it all up in old age?!

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WorldWideWanderer Tue 30-May-17 12:48:47

OK, so I want opinions, advice and whether you think it's unreasonable....
I am an 'older' female by MumsNet standards...I could be retired in a few years. Have travelled a lot, so I know the world. Now single after many years of marriage, family grown up and left home. I have a comfortable job which I could keep beyond retirement age, nice place (which comes with the job so no place of my own), not a big income but with bills paid I could save up a reasonable amount.
Thinking - quite seriously - of giving everything up and studying abroad. I would be an older student but I love studying, I could do a masters degree in a Nordic country, such courses are taught in English. I think it would be a good way to ease myself into another country, maybe get part-time (probably menial) work, retire there eventually.
Is this a daft thing to do at my age? I have tried to look at the practicalities but it isn't easy finding out information, such as what would happen to my state pension, what if I wanted to come back to the UK and so forth. At my age, it isn't like being young...a younger person comes back, gets another job and gets on with life. A pensioner has fewer options!
I'm asking on here because I feel you'd all think of lots of things I haven't even considered yet....AIBU?

Dec05 Tue 30-May-17 16:00:59

Of course you are not being unreasonable ! Life is for living, you are essentially footloose and fancy free so only making decisions that impact you.
So, first things first - you need to deal with the practicalities - speak to a financial adviser and find out exactly where you stand regarding the state pension and receiving it while abroad and check various scenarios re returning ie if you return in 1 year are you eligible for state benefits etc then 2 years, 3 years etc.

Finances rule - so gather info.
How much will your course cost, will you have to pay international fees, are you eligible for any assistance abroad, how does cost of living compare.

Start saving now, and start gathering information now. Search for forums like BritishExpats for local on the ground info.

Sounds very exciting, enjoy the journey !

RegTheMonkey1 Tue 30-May-17 16:33:36

My friend is retired in the USA and she receives her UK state pension into her bank account every month. Ditto a pal in Mallorca.

WorldWideWanderer Tue 30-May-17 16:58:43

That's very encouraging, and thanks for the advice.....
I'm starting to make enquiries re. the practicalities but there is so little information. I think to sit down with a financial adviser is a good idea. I've already looked at courses, costs, accommodation, fees and so forth, which I think are doable....

Dec05 Wed 31-May-17 10:18:00

Regarding the state pension, I think there may be something that if you arrange for it to be transferred abroad it gets frozen at that value so you lose out on inflationary rises.
I'm not sure (am not in the UK) but it's better to have all the information.

The great thing about travelling and making plans at the moment is that there is so much information on line. If it is Norway that you fancy, just google British ex pats in Norway and you will find a wealth of links and information. Everyone has a blog or a facebook group these days and you can get a real flavour of the country.

Good luck, how exciting !

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