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Period / Ovulation bleeding on the mini pill

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NameyNameNamer Tue 30-May-17 10:29:59

Sorry I know it's not the right place for this thread but I've had no answers elsewhere so posting for traffic.

I have been on the mini pill (cerazette) for 2.5 months and I have had a very small amount of bleeding for about a week when my period should be and about a week when I'm supposed to be ovulating.
So basically 50% of the time I am bleeding!

Is this normal?

I have never had this before with this pill, it has normally stopped all bleeding entirely and I've been on and off it for 10 years (except when I was pregnant / straight after birth etc)

Thank-you for replying in advance!

ballerinabelle Tue 30-May-17 10:31:59

I was on this pill for years and bled on and off the whole time. TMI but it was like old blood and a kind of rusty colour. Did my head in

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