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I know IABU but...

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FlossyMooToo Tue 30-May-17 08:28:57

Bankholiday peace and quiet (DC with dad) was ruined by next door hammering and drilling for what felt like the whole afternoon angry

We both (DP) took today off work in the hope that the rest of our street have buggered off back to work and we could have 1 last day of peace before DC come home.

Nope, different nieghbour has now decided today is a good day to replace his back door so lots more drilling, hammering and hes fucking singing! Since 5 past 8.

I know its after 8am and he can do as much DIY as he likes but for the love of god you have just moved in dont piss off the street me.

AIBU to allow 4 DC to make as much noise as they like in the garden when they come home? I normally shush them as I am aware of how noisy they can be and dont want to piss of my nieghbours but today I just dont care.

Ahhh that feels a little better.

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