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Aibu to stop contact with her dad?

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Bambamboo Mon 29-May-17 22:40:26

This is my first post so really honest please, so I have a son who has special needs. Me and his dad broke up when he was 1year. Few years later I meet someone else and all was great was together 3 years brilliant with my son ect then we had a baby together and that's when things changed. He became really funny with my son and causing arguments for no reason ect which was cause my son to have melt downs for hours and he was shout sort ur son out ect, then found he was on dating sites and constantly lying about everything and anything, anyway I chucked him out and finished things with him. Then he was threatening to kid nap our daughter ( because I breastfeed her and he doesn't like it says I'm being selfish cos I'm still doing it) so I said no contact on ur own with her cos I can't trust you to bring her back, so invited him to mine so he could see her. That was going fine for a fee weeks until he got really aggressive shouting and swearing at me scaring our daughter. So again I chucked him out. Then months later I agreed to him seeing her in town so I pull up in the carpark and see him and he's got f**king drugs on him. Cannabis so I go mental and stop all contacted then I get a phone call calling me every name under the sun about how I'm a bad mum cos I'm stopping her seeing her dad. And now he's saying he's taking me to court to get full custody of her and when he does I will never see her again. So aibu to stop him seeing her on them terms? And would he get full costday?

Nanny0gg Mon 29-May-17 22:43:22

Get your own legal advice asap.

If he sees her it sounds like it should be in a contact centre.

MaisyPops Mon 29-May-17 22:45:34

He sounds like a waste of space.

I'd intiate contact in a contact centre for the reasons stated.

I'd he actually cares then he'll do it.

If he doesn't you have the high ground that you tried.

I'd you withhold contact you look.bad and if he goes to court they'll look on him as the victim.

Always hold the high ground.

LouHotel Mon 29-May-17 22:47:25

You need to document when this all happened and where, backup with phone records keep any threatening texts ect.

sweetbitter Mon 29-May-17 22:48:59

He is being ridiculous, there is absolutely no reason he could expect to get full custody based on what you've said.

I'd start keeping a diary of all the contact you have with him, with dates and stuff like the fact he was smoking weed, verbally abusing you etc. It will be useful if you do indeed end up going to court.

In terms of denying him any contact, I agree with pp you should take legal advice about this. Ultimately a court probably would give him some kind of contact, albeit through a contact centre.

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