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To expect a discount?

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prettypaws Mon 29-May-17 21:32:02

Trade was employed to do several jobs on a specified day for X amount of hours, paid at an hourly rate. They didn't show up the first 2 dates arranged and took me chasing them up find out they weren't coming. They arrived late on attempt 3 leaving shortly after, and even later on day 4. It was all expected to be done several weeks ago and i'm waiting for it to be finished for relatives to visit. I was very clear when i got the quote and they came recommended.

They did approx 60% of hours and jobs quoted but to a lowish standard, although better than i could do myself due to disability. They demanded the full amount and i had to (very uncomfortably) push to get them down to 90% of their original quoted price. AIBU to think they should have taken less to reflect what they actually completed?

I have baggage from DV and ASD. Is this making me UR? How do you stay calm and assertive when faced with a stubborn confrontational person? I was so looking forward to a beautiful space and it looks like shit so i'm disappointed, and annoyed at myself. If someone is on your doorstep, dirty and moaning from working on your property and demanding money, how would you properly deal with it without it becoming a horrible situation?

CatsRidingRollercoasters Mon 29-May-17 23:17:14

YANBU at all. It's a horrible situation. It doesn't help you this time I'm afraid, but next time you have work done agree an itemised quotation (each point priced individually). Don't agree an hourly rate, just a price for each completed item.

Have you ended up paying for work they haven't actually done? At this point I would write to them laying it out in very clear terms. They agreed to do xyz, priced at whatever amount. Regardless of hours worked, jobs yz remain incomplete or not started.

Offer them a reasonable time frame in which to complete the works as agreed in their contractual agreement with you. Also offer them the option of refunding you whatever percentage for works not complete, so that you can engage someone else to complete the work.

Take them to small claims if you have to. I've been to small claims and have had many run ins with cowboy builders. Pm me if you want more detail.

CatsRidingRollercoasters Mon 29-May-17 23:19:24

Above all keep calm, moderately friendly and speak clearly. Keep repeating the your point and don't let them talk over you. Use this face if necessary hmm

prettypaws Tue 30-May-17 17:52:01

Thank you, it looks easy written down but i get stuck IRL when they won't leave without money and i don't want to pay for something not completed. I think my face was a mix of hmm and shock. I kept repeating myself which made me feel stupid, it was so awkward so i probably was mumbling with the embarassment. I don't understand how people can stand on your doorstep, stare you in the face and blatantly try to rip you off. Being gaslighted and punished for so long has made me doubt myself and scared to disagree, i wish i could get over this. I have PTSD from court processes related to the DV and am terrified of being near any kind of court again.

They repeated "i quoted you X price so that's what you owe me", it was stalemate. I paid just to get rid of them. Then they called my cat a rat as an insult and thought i was in the wrong. I'm in a small village and am anxious over someone thinking bad of me and possibly badmouthing me to others as local trades know each other.

They want to give a verbal price and get paid cash, and so I have written lists of works to be completed and asked trades to price and sign it when at the quoting stage. I've been laughed at and had downright refusals. The best i've had is a non itemised quote via text, being told they price per time to complete all works so won't do itemised costing. The whole process gives me so much anxiety and makes me feel like a 4 year old and i wonder if i have unrealistic expectations or if this stuff is common?

I have thankfully found a good electrician who sends prices of each job via email and a receipt after payment. If only other trades would do the same. I need various other jobs doing but dreading going through this again.

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