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to bugger off for 2 days with no kids and get pissed in a hotel

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starshaker Mon 29-May-17 16:19:27

I need a break after a break up (I'm sure there will be people here who will be pleased about that). My babysitter is watching the kids friday to Saturday and I can do what the hell I want.
1. get drunk and feel sorry for myself
2. Explore a city
3. go camping

I did look at a trip to rome or somewhere but flights don't work out so I'm sticking to about 4 hours travel at max. I need to do something other than get pissed because then I may do something really stupid. Im near Glasgow

marsipanee Mon 29-May-17 16:21:20

Can you rally up a couple of girlfriends to go along with you? Could be more fun with friends.

Otherwise I'd hide away in a boutique hotel with a book and bottles of wine.

Vanillamanilla1 Mon 29-May-17 16:21:50

Sounds like heaven !

starshaker Mon 29-May-17 16:22:24

I don't have anybody to do anything with. Pretty pathetic isn't it?

AgentProvocateur Mon 29-May-17 16:23:06

Get yourself to Arran for the night. Either to Auchrannie Spa or a campsite. Go for a walk up Goatfell then to a bar at night. Guaranteed to make you feel better.

Sionella Mon 29-May-17 16:23:48

What about a spa? You can get some good deals on last minute. Take some books and a bottle and spoil yourself.

nickedmyname Mon 29-May-17 16:23:55

Spa break? Come back feeling rejuvenated rather than hungover? I'd love to do that on my own

MrsTerryPratchett Mon 29-May-17 16:24:14

It's MN so I have to suggest a spa grin It's the law.

nickedmyname Mon 29-May-17 16:24:16

Ps not pathetic. V normal. Hope you're okay though

MrsTerryPratchett Mon 29-May-17 16:24:35

Bwahaha x-post

hilbil21 Mon 29-May-17 16:24:41

See if portavadie have any availability

ImperialBlether Mon 29-May-17 16:24:59

If you know drinking will create a problem, you need to go somewhere where that won't happen, don't you?

nickedmyname Mon 29-May-17 16:24:59

Can't believe I was almost the first to suggest spa wink

Squeegle Mon 29-May-17 16:25:01

Arran sounds great! I think you will be more proud of yourself OP if you go out and force yourself to do something. Don't let the bastards get you down 👍🏻

GeekyWombat Mon 29-May-17 16:26:45

Not pathetic, blissful. Treat it as a chance to recharge your batteries and reset yourself a bit.

Agree about the nice hotel. Cinema / theatre matinee if that's you're thing, health spa treatments if you fancy, wine, good food, magazines and lots of sleep.

Can I come?

starshaker Mon 29-May-17 16:32:14

Spa sounds good. Looked into Aaran and its pretty booked up.

ginorwine Mon 29-May-17 16:33:23

Do you want to be alone and re charge or have an adventure ? What do you feel exited to do ..?

starshaker Mon 29-May-17 16:36:06

I looked at groupons etc and most were offers if 2 were bought

starshaker Mon 29-May-17 16:38:09

I don't know. Part of me wants to feel sorry for myself but another part wants to make the most of the free time because it really doesn't happen often

Dizzywizz Mon 29-May-17 16:39:03

I would want to go to a Hote and get pissed (my phone changed that to kissed!!) but actually I would go to a spa, i think. Last time I looked at group on for spa deals it was actually only single deals, it's funny isn't it how it changes.

BrainSaysNo Mon 29-May-17 16:40:34

One day feeling sorry for yourself, wake up Saturday for your adventure!

mrsBeverleygoldberg Mon 29-May-17 16:45:29

I went on a spa afternoon by myself. It was fab because I did what I wanted when I wanted. If I'd gone with someone else I'd be worrying about them and if they were doing what they want. No shame going by yourself. Enjoy!

milliemolliemou Mon 29-May-17 16:48:24

Good book, good walking, find a good B&B good luck

LagunaBubbles Mon 29-May-17 16:50:41

I had an overnight break with my DH at the Westerwood Hotel and Spa near Cumbernauld as a Valentine's present from my son (to cheer me up as my Mum died on Val day), had a great time! Not really into the spa though but I did have a facial and spent hours in the pool!

19lottie82 Mon 29-May-17 16:54:31

Go stay in the blythswood hotel in Glasgow! Use the spa, have a few cocktails, go see a film at the GFT....... bliss!

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