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AIBU to ask how to become emotionally stronger

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Singyourheartout Mon 29-May-17 09:55:07

Recently I posted about making friends a new job I got at a bar/restaurant. But had to give up as I struggled with the unsocial hours and constantly being put in night shift even though I was new and completely out of my depth at the busy times. I didn't think they supported me well and training was limited. So I quit as I had only worked the within my probation I did not have to give notice. However I felt like I was told off like a naughty child told what I can and couldn't do even thou thecontact was on my side. I was proud I stood my ground and said I couldn't work as my anxiety was affected and it would be better for them if I didn't continue to work for them. I get that she maybe annoyed that I had left her lacking in staff for the night but I was still being charponed and was just and extra dogs body on the shift. And I had given her plenty of notice(2 weeks)
But I keep thinking about the incident, not all the time but it sometimes creeps up on me and I swing from thinking I was a bit pathetic to saying fuck them and the shitty behaviour they pushed on me.
I feel bad that I let them down and they are judging me. This is just one example but when this kind of thing happens I stress over it. I know I'm over sensitive and have very mild anxiety(does not usually stop me on my day to day life). But are there any staregies you could tell me or things you do to over come this. I want to be a strong person emotionally and not let my anxiety affect me that much.

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