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Posting for traffic- bad back help pleeeease!

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JustMumNowNotMe Mon 29-May-17 05:46:14

Aside from a heat patch and some ibrprofen gel I have sod all.

Got out of the car earlier and something crunched in my back and its now really uncomfortable. Been sat in a chair (hotel room) since 2am as turning over/getting out of bed creates more crunching and pain.

Walking is tolerable but occasionally it is like I'm stabbed and it makes me jolt - it must be a trapped nerve??

Anyone have any ideas on how to get more comfortable? Will any stretches help? Annoyingly I have tonnes of the good drugs at home but I'm in a city far from home, sleeping kids so can't try to find OOH and even when they are up it will be hard to find one as it's a bank holiday sad

Any tips gratefully received!

NotYoda Mon 29-May-17 06:36:11

My DH recommends laying on the floor with your calves propped onto the seat of the sofa so they (calves)are parallel to the floor. He was told this by a Physio he saw after 6 weeks off work with a disc problem

Or if getting onto, or off the floor is too difficult, lay flat on the sofa with your calves propped up so they are parallel with the sofa by a pile of cushions

It totally relaxes the spine and, more importantly, the muscles of the back

As far as I remember, physio didn't recommend stretches when in acute pain

NotYoda Mon 29-May-17 06:37:35

..... or you could lay on the bed with your calves propped up

Good luck

JustMumNowNotMe Mon 29-May-17 06:44:47

Thank you so much! Will try it now!

standingonlego Mon 29-May-17 06:55:51

Reading this as I am lying with my knees up for the same reason. When you need to sleep - 2 ways, on back with pillows under knees (similar theory to sofa advice) or on side with pillow between knees so you stay in shape without spine bending.

Ice can help too, rather than heat. Cold bottle of water?

Get an osteopath appointment as soon as you can.

Bad backs are rubbish. sad

rizlett Mon 29-May-17 07:00:22

You are right op gentle stretching is good - keeping mobile as much as you can. Yoga - if you have a tendency to back pain regular exercise is key to keeping it away.

Be aware of how you are moving in and out of the car and how you lift and carry things.

I think crunching sounds are normal for joints as we get older and most back problems don't end up with people in a wheelchair. (which for some reason is the thing that seems to worry us the most)

Might there be a chemist nearby?

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