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Best friend and Birthday party

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Busybee233 Sun 28-May-17 18:36:53

Planned to go to the races for my 23rd birthday instead of a night out. Tickets cost 59 pounds which is cheaper than a night out. I've said I will pay for a chauffeur service to the event and back. For my group of friends birthdays we normally do a night out. For her birthday we planned to go to London and I booked a hotel she later cancled so I had to pay a fee to re book for another weekend and then pay to go on the night out locally. She's also asking to go on some nights out next month. I've always gone to every birthday of my friends I've never had a proper birthday party as friends have always been ill or I've been away. I'm really annoyed that she's now saying She might not be able to afford it I know she has the money I've offered a hat and a dress I know she's worn before if she's worried about outfit costs. She's also going to another friends birthday as well

Chloe84 Sun 28-May-17 18:40:22

YANBU. Don't waste money celebrating her birthday again.

Why are your friends not helping you celebrate your birthday? There seems to be a pattern.

Aeroflotgirl Sun 28-May-17 18:43:43

That is crap, now you know where you stand with her. Don't put much effort into her birthdays again

TeenAndTween Sun 28-May-17 18:52:10

Presumably once at the races though they still have to pay for drinks / food / bets so there will be additional costs?

Whocansay Sun 28-May-17 18:54:30

This woman is very long way from a 'best friend'. She sounds like a casual acquaintance at best. Don't keep trying to buy her. She isn't interested. You have to remember that it's an invitation and she isn't obliged to go if she doesn't want to. You have to find some better friends who will appreciate you. Stop chasing this one.

Busybee233 Sun 28-May-17 19:24:10

Yes she will but on nights out we regularly spend hundreds on taxis entry drinks food new dresses for my last birthday she was amazing and was the last one to leave but I don't have many friends and felt a little shit because the party was shared with my sister and I only had one table compared to my sisters 4 tables

Busybee233 Sun 28-May-17 19:25:08

Sorry to drip feed known her since primary school see each other once a week for dinner or cinema

peachgreen Mon 29-May-17 13:06:04

£59 to go to the races - especially if you're not interested in going to the races - is a bit ridiculous, I wouldn't go either.

Bettyspants Mon 29-May-17 13:09:03

It's not just about going to the races though Is it? It's about celebrating a friends birthday doing what's they'd like to do. Op she sounds a shitty friend, I've been in the same situation and feel much relieved to be out of it!

peachgreen Mon 29-May-17 13:10:14

Tbh I think £60 for a minor birthday is also pretty ridiculous but maybe that's just me!

Busybee233 Mon 29-May-17 20:45:04

She loves the races where actually all going this week and next for her birthday to she also got really upset when loads of people couldn't make it

Busybee233 Mon 29-May-17 20:46:45

@peachgreen 60 for a birthday is cheap my circle of friends regularly spend way more or have big black tie party's in marquees

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