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give up on matinence?

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user1000000000000000001 Sun 28-May-17 15:10:12

ex left in jan, was arrested and charged for domestic violence. not seen kids since. applied for cms a few days later but due to having a case open with csa he only became liable on march 6th.. first payment due 30th april. waited the 5 days, then they sent him another letter saying he has 14 days but what happens after the 14 days?

would i bu to just leave it so he cant have the pleasure of having this over me?

lalalalyra Sun 28-May-17 15:13:11

Rather than just letting him away with it just leave it with CMS.

Let them chase him for what he owes, but don't give him any headspace.

TOADfan Sun 28-May-17 15:15:35

After 14 days they will move the case to collect and pay. If HMRC have an employer for him they will put him on a Deductions of Earnings and take it from his wages. You should get your first payment end of July.
If he isnt employed and is self employed it takes longer and it will most likely need to go to enforcement. If you do get money it could take a while, but its hard to get payments from self employed PPs.

I say dont give up. Even if you get nothing now the debt remains and will have to be paid eventually.

user1000000000000000001 Sun 28-May-17 15:25:19

will they do it automatically without me needing to ring constantly?

he does have a job! do theu have to agree to a doe or do they not get a choice?

DawnOfTheMombie Sun 28-May-17 15:26:56

I claimed on 6th June 2016. I've still not had a single penny in child support. I am on the phone to CMS every single week and it's an absolute joke. They are less than useless.

DawnOfTheMombie Sun 28-May-17 15:30:32

Mine was only moved to Enforcement in January 2017 due to a series of fuck ups by them. Enforcement have also been less than useless. My ex lives with his sister - he told the DWP that was his address when making his latest JSA claim - they told CMS, CMS sent a letter about a Liability Order, his sister sent the letter back claiming he doesn't live there but he continues to live there and used that address to claim when he's inbeweetn jobs - he job hops every other month so there isn't enough time for a DfromE to be set up and as the letters get sent back they can't go to court for the Liability Order and so he gets away with not paying. It's a fucking shambles.

redfairy Sun 28-May-17 15:34:08

In my experience the CMS are as incompetent as the CSA. But absolutely do not give up on maintenance because your DC deserve to be financially supported by their father. I recommend phoning on a weekly basis asking for updates. I don't know if this focusses their efforts but it makes me feel better knowing I'm being proactive. The poster saying give it no headspace is inbetween is absolutely right though. You don't need to tie yourself in knots all week. Good Luck OP!

user1000000000000000001 Tue 30-May-17 21:17:52

so i rang them today to inform about the second missed payment.. they have started to move to collect and pay but theres an 8-12 week backlog on the collect and pay service to pick it up!!

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