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DC My Waitrose members..

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LovelyBath77 Sun 28-May-17 12:55:05

To keep getting the 5 X £20 discount on family online shopping? One of the mums at school told me about this. If they have email addresses you can basically keep doing the offer, and get it off your weekly shop..

ComingUpTrumps Sun 28-May-17 14:48:06

Could you explain a bit more about how the offer works please OP? I've never heard of it.

Misodays Sun 28-May-17 14:50:48

Do you mean creating a new account each time?

Sparklingbrook Sun 28-May-17 14:52:33

Are you talking about delivery?

Sparklingbrook Sun 28-May-17 14:53:48

I am guessing you would have to change your email address every time, however if you are using a loyalty card and they know where you live they will catch up with you sooner or later.

LovelyBath77 Sun 28-May-17 16:02:34

Ok, so if you sign up as a new online customer they nearly always have an offer on for £20 off your first 5 shops (requires £100 shop, but free delivery). So what you can do is first use your own email address, then others as well, but still use the same delivery address. My friend told me all her family are now Waitrose online customers. So when the five codes run out, you can join a new family member and use the next five codes.

HunkyDory69 Sun 28-May-17 16:04:59

They'll work it out fast enough now, especially as you've just splashed across their demographic! Don't hold your breath for it continuing much longer !

Sparklingbrook Sun 28-May-17 16:06:00

Do the family members all live at the same address? I would be amazed if Waitrose aren't aware of this and immediately stop home delivery to the address once the store is alerted.

EssentialHummus Sun 28-May-17 16:06:48

I presume at some point a human would query why John Smith, Jane Smith, Toby Smith, Mary Smith and Squeaky Smith of 1 Acacia Close all had individual memberships, but if you've checked their T&Cs for this kind of thing and it seems fine to you, go ahead.

Sparklingbrook Sun 28-May-17 16:08:35

I agree it will come to light eventually. The delivery driver would probably click that they are actually delivering to a family and not a house of multiple occupancy but the name on the order keeps changing.

SummerMummy88 Sun 28-May-17 16:09:50

Do people really do this? Who could be bothered? Sounds like a lot of messing about for £20.

EssentialHummus Sun 28-May-17 16:10:40

summer I think it's £20 x 5 shops if I understood correctly.

Sparklingbrook Sun 28-May-17 16:12:02

It's probably the same people that buy a single mushroom to get a free coffee. grin

LovelyBath77 Sun 28-May-17 16:12:24

It could save hundreds, not just 5 but more if more family join.

Sparklingbrook Sun 28-May-17 16:16:46

How many family members live at your address? And how does it work WRT My Waitrose cards? confused

LovelyBath77 Sun 28-May-17 16:28:03

It sends them My Waitrose cards. My DC were disappointed they can just be used for coffee and tea though not hot choc! I have done the offer with the DC but not used DH's email yet. Think I might stop now.

LovelyBath77 Sun 28-May-17 16:28:48

Haha, yes that would be me I get a 30p top up large coffee to get a free coffee.

Sparklingbrook Sun 28-May-17 16:30:11

I would imagine with all the My Waitrose cards, all the different email addresses and the deliveries all going to the same address it would only be a matter of time before the delivery driver was a bit curious.

LovelyBath77 Sun 28-May-17 16:33:49

I thought so too. But maybe they are too polite!

LovelyBath77 Sun 28-May-17 16:34:53

It does say, only one offer per household, now I checked. Think I may leave it from now on. DH won;t be impressed if I use him and he gets into trouble with them!

LovelyBath77 Sun 28-May-17 16:35:24

Sorry Miso- yes it means creating a new account each time.

Sparklingbrook Sun 28-May-17 16:35:59

They would probably mention it to their line manager.

I guess some are getting away with it, but if there's a loophole people will.

BarbaraofSeville Sun 28-May-17 17:26:44

If you could manage it every week, that's over £1k pa saving, certainly worth bothering about. Of course you would probably save more by shopping at Aldi or Lidl instead, but if you want to shop in Waitrose, it does make it more affordable, if you could get away with it.

user1492287253 Sun 28-May-17 17:48:22

i have a colleague who has been doing this literally for years.

Henrysmycat Sun 28-May-17 18:03:46

I'm a hardcore Waitrose fan but if really wanna save money, you go to Lidl or Aldi. £10 here and there is false economy.

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