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The neighbours' smoking weed all day and it's stinking out our house!!

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CraicMammy Sun 28-May-17 11:58:15

It feels like it's all day every day. I'm at home with DD (3.5 years) and a newborn. It's boiling hot but if I have the windows open the smell drifts in.

I've no problem with what adults get up to in their own home, but AIBU to be annoyed that I can't have fresh air in mine? I don't want stoned toddlers!!

KingJoffreysRestingCuntface Sun 28-May-17 12:00:52

My neighbours are the same, luckily I don't mind the smell.

Smokers don't realise how far/well the smell travels.

Maybe have a polite word? Ask if they can do it elsewhere?

Justmadeperfectflapjacks Sun 28-May-17 12:01:00

Have you informed the police? Do they have dc? Ss? Environmental health?

myoriginal3 Sun 28-May-17 12:05:41

I had that with a housemate. I swear I ended up stoned and then hungover.

deckoff Sun 28-May-17 12:07:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

noblegiraffe Sun 28-May-17 12:11:57

Our neighbours used to do this, the police went round after our neighbours the other side complained.

It's so disgusting and antisocial when you can't open your windows or use your own garden.

WishfulThanking Sun 28-May-17 12:19:46

A friend of mine had neighbours who lived in the flat below her that did this. Her clothes stank of cannabis all the time (my friend's). It was very noticeable. When the neighbours moved out the smell went away so it wasn't my friend smoking on the sly and blaming it on her neighbours grin

muckypup73 Sun 28-May-17 12:19:48

I remeber once going to someones house and a few of them were smoking it, i swear to god I came out high and I haddnt touched the stuff.

CraicMammy Sun 28-May-17 12:22:35

It's a toughy as they are pleasant people and I don't want to fall out with them. I'm not sure how I can bring it up without seeming confrontational or moralising. Shutting the windows and doors loudly isn't having the desired effect!

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