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acatcalledjohn Sat 27-May-17 23:30:31

I'm really an animal lover: I don't kill spiders as much as I hate the big black sprinting fuckers, I will feed bees sugar water when they are tired, I help May bugs turn back on to their feet...

But today half my hand (well, the back of) is hot, red and swollen from a perfectly common mozzie bite, despite having drenched the bite in anthisan repeatedly from within minutes of the bite happening. I took some piriton on the advice of a pharmacy worker (which I have never taken before) 4 hours ago and it appears to have done sweet fuck all. Can't risk taking another one yet because I have to drive at midnight.

To me mozzies don't serve any real purpose, other than infecting people with viruses and causing allergic reactions.

So AIBU to want to obliterate these pointless monster bugs from the ecosystem?

KingJoffreysRestingCuntface Sat 27-May-17 23:32:41

Apparently mosquitoes prefer to bite drunk people.

Probably why I get gnawed to death at festivals but not at work.

EnjoyYourShitCake Sat 27-May-17 23:35:49

No you are not. I too, am irresistible to the fuckers. Check out this beauty of a bite a few years back abroad.

Kursk Sat 27-May-17 23:36:19

Life where I am

EnjoyYourShitCake Sat 27-May-17 23:36:43

Ah I heard drink puts them off, KingJoffrey, because of the yeast!

acatcalledjohn Sat 27-May-17 23:40:37

shock @ Enjoyyourshitcake

I dont get those blisters, thankfully. They look very unpleasant!

I may have had two G&Ts, Joffrey, but far from even just merry. The bastards get me every time. DP never gets bitten, I get eaten alive.

acatcalledjohn Sat 27-May-17 23:41:06

Kursk grin

EnjoyYourShitCake Sun 28-May-17 00:16:50

Oooh that looks painful acat. Keep an eye on it!

Bettercallsaul1 Sun 28-May-17 00:41:55

OP - your hand looks infected. I would see a doctor to get antibiotics ASAP. Infected bites or stings merit a visit to A and E as the infection can spread to the deeper layers of the skin quite quickly in some cases (cellulitis) and there is then the possibility of sepsis.

Flambola Sun 28-May-17 01:39:48

They're fucking horrible aren't they?

I always get bitten and end up with huge itchy lumps all over my body. angry

I think i'm allergic to them.

toffeeboffin Sun 28-May-17 01:57:35

Fuck me that's bad OP.
I thought I reacted badly but I've never seen anything like that.

Get to a docs tomorrow I reckon.

To ease the itch I usually scratch the fuck out of them with a Denham hairbrush and nearly come in the process apply ice or a hairdryer - the hot air takes the itch away. BUT I'd leave well alone in your case. I'm not a medical professional btw.

toffeeboffin Sun 28-May-17 01:59:34

We once went camping and I had something ridiculous like 50 bites on the backs of my thighs by the first night - it was absolutely awful. Huge welts, weeping yellow stuff, super itchy etc.

Deet and the old not eating bananas doesn't help - I'm irresistible to mozzies.

hellokittymania Sun 28-May-17 02:21:23

Agreed! Nairobi flies can go with them!

Coneheadmum Sun 28-May-17 02:51:27

Have you drawn the line round it to see if it the red spreads out? Regardless, looks infected. Doctor/urgent care asap I would say.

acatcalledjohn Sun 28-May-17 02:53:56

saul, I don't think it's infected yet, I had one of these about two years ago (same location too), and that eased off by itself. I've always reacted badly to bites, but rarely like this. This one does feel worse, and I'm shocked how little effect none whatsoever the anthisan and piriton seem to have. In fact, the weal is still growing I think, it feels tighter now than it did when I first posted.

I took my second piriton about 1.5 hrs ago and can't say I'm noticing anything.

If no better tomorrow I will head to the urgent care centre as it's within walking distance.

fafadebelem Sun 28-May-17 03:40:02

I would try soaking your hand in warm salty water. The water should be as warm and you can comfortably bear and put quite a lot of salt. Leave your hand in the water for 5 minutes.

My son gets the nastiest mosquito bites, and this trick helps to calm down the angry looking bites.

babyinthacorner Sun 28-May-17 04:00:57



Zoflorabore Sun 28-May-17 05:15:46

Totally agree! Just got home a few hours ago from Turkey and am covered in bites, funnily enough the ones in on both lower legs are in lines of 3!
Absolute bastards chose me and went for it. Am itching like crazy and look like I've got the plaguegrin

brieandcrackers Sun 28-May-17 06:08:41


Sent home from work once with nausea and what I thought was a massive heat rash down my arms, across my shoulders and over my back.

Three days later I went to the doctors and it turned out I had been bitten around 50 times the night prior to the outbreak - and that was with a cardigan on!!!! Nasty little buggers angry

Was drinking so am inclined to believe the theory above... will make sure to pack the insect repellent next time I visit the pub in nice weather!!!

brieandcrackers Sun 28-May-17 06:11:31

P.s.: Enjoy I am both repulsed and ABSOLUTELY AMAZED by that beauty!! grin

And OP I hope the urgent care centre can sort it out sharpish if it hasn't got better overnight!!

Bluntness100 Sun 28-May-17 06:19:16

I think uou need anti biotics. I'm allergic to mossie bites and they spread out rather than swell up, to dinner plate size, it's friggen awful, really itchy, and looks terrible.

However, I was bitten by a spider last year and my hand looked like that. I was given some anti biotics by the doctor, which fixed it, it wasnt not only going away on its own, but my arm started to swell too as it travelled up. he gave me some super strength anti histamines that are the strongest available. I'd get yourself along to a doctor.

rizlett Sun 28-May-17 06:21:08

Hot spooning is the thing to get rid of the itch - do it as soon as you know you've been bitten. (though it does help a bit done later.)

Did end of teaspoon in boiling water and tap carefully about 10 or so times on the really itchy point - you can feel it easing as you tap. It's bliss.

Incognito mossie spray - completely natural and works every time.

Westray Sun 28-May-17 06:25:10

I have lived in the tropics.

I have worked out failsafe ways of avoiding being bitten- but if you do then the Zap it device is fantastic.

HmmmHashtag Sun 28-May-17 06:25:32

If it starts tracking then get thee to a Dr ASAP. I had 2 awful bites on my arm a few years back, and a red line started to appear from the bite, travelling up my arm. I was marvelling at it when someone told me that's actually the infection tracking towards your heart shock. I got antibiotics pretty sharpish!!!!!

Bettercallsaul1 Sun 28-May-17 07:47:26

How are you today, OP? I'm glad you have an Urgent Care centre within walking distance. Unless the redness and swelling have started to recede, I would get checked out. Better safe than sorry, honestly.

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