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Neighbor posting leaflet for donations

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TwixKat Sat 27-May-17 20:03:51

Aibu to think neighbor's teen daughter is being a big cheeky.

Got a leaflet through my door explaing the teen girl is doing a sponsored run to raise money to raise money for a charity to help her get to the finals of a pageant. Leaflet had her online fundraising page link and another link explaing how to donate for free when online shopping.hmm she's doing it for her own benefit surely.

pipsqueak25 Sat 27-May-17 20:11:32

i'm cynical about any stuff like this, but everyone makes their own choices. so is any of this money actually going to the charity or is she the 'charity' ?

specialsubject Sat 27-May-17 20:12:13

Isn't recycling wonderful?

MrsDustyBusty Sat 27-May-17 20:12:50

A parent?

MrsDustyBusty Sat 27-May-17 20:13:03


TwixKat Sat 27-May-17 20:14:43

All the money goes straight to the charity through her online page - she isn't the charity

TwixKat Sat 27-May-17 20:16:38

a national beauty pageant

pipsqueak25 Sat 27-May-17 20:22:53

but what charity is it going to and how will it help her get through to the finals of a beauty pageant ? [i was joking about her being the charity] this isn't making a great deal of sense tbh. but then i'm probably being dim.

Secretsquirrelclub Sat 27-May-17 20:23:46

Don't know how far into her teens she is ? But I can remember doing something similar when I was a kid, albeit much younger and this was in the 70's - much to my mums horror! I think some of the neighbours did sponsor me smile i wouldn't dream of doing something like it these days you'll be pleased to hear.

somerandomfucker Sat 27-May-17 20:27:10

No these are pretty common these days, just google it and you'll find out all about it!
It's slightly out of the norm but I've supported a couple of girls doing this in the past!

TwixKat Sat 27-May-17 20:28:28

Apparently the charity is based on charity work so the person who raises the most will get an automatic place in the finals.

TwixKat Sat 27-May-17 20:32:10

Had no idea it was common. Obviously not that popular in our area

harderandharder2breathe Sat 27-May-17 20:33:45

I knew someone who ran for Miss Wales, part of it was she had to raise money for charity.

If you don't agree with the charity or the pageant then just ignore it like any other junk mail

TwixKat Sat 27-May-17 20:43:12

I feel bad now. Just thought it was a bit cheeky at first and that it's not appropriate to ask for donations through door to door leaflets

pipsqueak25 Sat 27-May-17 21:00:23

ah, thanks, i've learnt new stuff too smileseemsa reasonable idea.

SomeOtherFuckers Sat 27-May-17 21:09:11

Sounds like a good way to get teens to do some charity work to me

SomeOtherFuckers Sat 27-May-17 21:09:30

No different from needing it to get your DofE

ComingUpTrumps Sat 27-May-17 23:08:40

SomeOther people doing a D of E award do volunteering for a set time - they don't ask people to sponsor them for anything.

SomeOtherFuckers Sat 27-May-17 23:35:48

@ComingUpTrumps yes but the point is she is getting money to a charity via a sponsorship ... so she's contributing to a charity because she needs to for something she wants to achieve ... like d of e ( I only did it 6 years ago I remember the craic)

dinosaursandtea Sun 28-May-17 00:14:53

FFS! Pageants are definitely different from DoE!

TwixKat Sun 28-May-17 06:30:23

I can see where SomeOtherFuckers is coming from. Kids volunteer for DofE and benefit from getting their DofE . This girl is raising money to benefit from winning a pageant title.

ComingUpTrumps Sun 28-May-17 11:00:17

Yes true Some - I've also done it, and I think it is quite different from these circumstances. With D of E, it's about giving your time to help others (even if it is ultimately for your benefit, as you receive the award).

But I think the key thing here is that D of E participants don't raise money by asking others to contribute money to their fundraising efforts.

I can sort of see where you're coming from in your comparison. But as someone who's also done the D of E award (I know you said you've done it too), and who found the award quite challenging (the expedition, volunteering, skills and sport, as well as planning an overnight stay for the Gold award), I think it's slightly unfair - and a bit incorrect - to compare that to the situation of raising money for a pageant. It's a totally different situation in my opinion.

YellowDinosaur Sun 28-May-17 11:20:00

She's not unreasonable to do this. And you shouldn't feel pressured into donating if got don't want to for whatever reason. If you don't want to throw the leaflet away and forget about it.

If she tries to pleasure you in any way I'd politely tell her that it's not a charity you wish to donate to (you could say you choose others if you wish and if you do) but that you wish her well.

YellowDinosaur Sun 28-May-17 11:20:50

Fucks same autocorrect PRESSURE you not pleasure you!!!!

ComingUpTrumps Sun 28-May-17 11:32:59

Yellow grin

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