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To think enough is enough and not want contact with mother anymore ?

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MuvaWifey77 Sat 27-May-17 19:18:54

My mother and I have a really long history of never being able to get on. When I was 11 I decided she was not emotionally stable, she affected my well being , the amount of men she brought to the house and put above me and my sister was too much, not to mention denying me access to my biological dad and getting this rich guy to sign my birth certificate . I never had any proper contact with the guy ,he came to the house to use her, never cared about me .
I'm 27 I moved all the way from South America when I was 17 because I despise her. The cunt followed me , saying it was to protect me , yh right.
Any ways , I now have a child and one on the way, she is still very unstable , she promises seeing him and cancels last minute, she lives 20 mins away and despite me doing every thing for her and her husband as they can barely speak English , she today said to me, " I know you don't like me, never will, if you let me I will come and see DS ,if you allow me, but I need to learn how to leave u alone " as if I was stopping her from seeing him before, she's really a nut case, I've been through hell and back with pregnancy as I'm not very mobile, had an accident a while ago and my pelvis is badly injured , she hasn't bothered with anything not visited me once, not bothered asking about the baby. This is the woman who I took to the bank to open a bank account, I took her to a GP, I went and sorted out the registrar and bought her a bouquet on her wedding day as she didn't even think of that, she hasn't seen my son in ages. I am in tears, sitting in the kitchen , as can't bear for my son to see me like this, I wish from the bottom of my heart I had a mother , because I never had a father , God knows I tried, but I need her out of my life I want to change my number and forget she exists but I'm scared , she is the only person able to make me feel like I could die. AIBU ? Is it possible to cut contact with someone so poisonous ? Has anyone done it ? Had enough ? I think k had enough ...

Kirabelle Sat 27-May-17 22:55:08

You need to go to 'Relationships' and put this post in 'But we took you to Stately Homes ' thread. Its a support thread for people with dysfunctional parents /families etc.You will find lots people with similar stories. smile

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