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To not want my daughter being given an ugly nickname?

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mynotsoperfectlife Sat 27-May-17 10:24:34

The (lovely) nursery staff have chopped my daughters name in half, resulting in a nickname that is a sound rather than a name.

I know they are using it affectionately and they really are lovely people but I just don't like the nickname and I don't really want it sticking.

Would it be unreasonable to ask them to call her by her name, and how can I do it nicely?

PurpleDaisies Sat 27-May-17 10:25:27

Is it s common nickname for the full name?

HunterHearstHelmsley Sat 27-May-17 10:25:28

Just ask them to call her by her full name?

Brogadoccio Sat 27-May-17 10:27:00

Next time you hear it"Don't do that!, it might stick! can't have that!" with a smile staple gunned to your face

NoCapes Sat 27-May-17 10:31:05

Brog that would make the app look very very odd indeed confused

Just say 'oh we don't really do nicknames, can you call her <insert full name> Instead, thanks' big smile

BreakfastAtSquiffanys Sat 27-May-17 10:31:38

Just say, "please can you call her Amy not Ay"

mynotsoperfectlife Sat 27-May-17 10:32:52

That's probably the best way, NoCapes.

I just don't want to sound like an arse!

AmysTiara Sat 27-May-17 10:34:07

Names often get shortened. I'd just ignore it.

isthistoonosy Sat 27-May-17 10:35:25

I've just told staff that we don't use nick names, they were fine about it.

MiladyThesaurus Sat 27-May-17 10:37:08

It might be worth trying to get over any strong feelings about nicknames at this point. You might find all her friends call her it - or something you like even less - when she gets to school (even if the nursery staff ca her by her full name). She might even adopt it as her name with a quirky spelling.

mynotsoperfectlife Sat 27-May-17 10:39:51

Yes, I know, but it's different at this age when they are still so young - I just don't like hearing the name chopped off!

MrsGotobed Sat 27-May-17 10:41:20

Even if if you pull them up on it you'll find someone else will abbreviate her name at some other point. To some extent you just have to not let it bother you.

I thought DD's name wouldn't be shortened - although it is 2 syllables the abbreviated version doesn't make sense IYSWIM and I've never heard it shortened before but at school her friends shortened it for a while.

harderandharder2breathe Sat 27-May-17 10:42:19

Just ask them to please call her by her full name.

They're not doing it deliberately to annoy you.

ThumbWitchesAbroad Sat 27-May-17 10:42:23

Just tell them that you don't like nicknames, and you'd like them to keep using her full name please. If it's not that long (and it can't be, from what you've said) then it's not going to be that hard for them to use the whole name.

My DS1 has a 4 syllable first name, but most people at preschool and school use his full name rather than the 2 syllable shortened version that we mostly use at home.
DS2 has a long 3 syllable name, also with a 2 syllable short version - but he gets VERY humpy if anyone tries to call him his full name!! grin

Groovee Sat 27-May-17 10:42:35

I work in nursery and we had a new member of staff mispronouncing a name and not listening when staff corrected her. It did take mum telling her that she was mispronouncing her daughter's name for her to listen.

We did have a child whose step dad filled in the form and in known as put his nickname for her. It took mum a lot of work to get the nursery teacher to change it.

angelikacpickles Sat 27-May-17 10:44:08

I think it's different when friends do it if the child is happy about it - you just have to go with it then. With nursery staff, I think it's more reasonable to ask them to stop.

Brogadoccio Sat 27-May-17 10:45:02

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Topseyt Sat 27-May-17 10:47:10

We always call each other by nicknames in this family, though it is up to you if you don't want to allow it.

Just tell nursery staff that at this stage in her life you prefer her proper name to be used.

It often isn't something you can fully control though. My parents tried with both my younger sister and I throughout our childhoods. It didn't work.

I have personally never bothered to try and stop it. My 14 year old DD3 today addressed her 22 year old older sister as Buttface!! Even that was probably toned down because she knew I would see it. They are very close and banter to each other like that all the time.

Sorry, I will cease derailing the thread now. grin

CowParsleyNettle Sat 27-May-17 10:47:49

We deliberately gave DS a name that couldn't be shortened.

But have called him by a varying number of nicknames since birth 😂

We love a good nickname in our family, even the dog answers to his.

NoCapes Sat 27-May-17 10:48:04

Brog what are you on about?! confused
Yes English is my first language, autocorrect changed OP to app - no idea what the rest of your post means

Guitargirl Sat 27-May-17 10:49:01

'Is English your first language'

MN passive aggression out in force I see.

Dowser Sat 27-May-17 10:52:22

You wouldn't think you could shorten Ian could you but yes my mil managed.


ThouShallNotPass Sat 27-May-17 10:53:06

I'd ask them politely to stop calling her by a nickname. It's really hard to get over our "Britishness" and come out with it but if you do it with a smile then its easier. They won't have an issue with it.

I kind of have the opposite problem. I can't help but call DS "Mister XXXXX" or add "ey" to his name. (I.e. Markey instead of Mark or Paulie instead of Paul) and now everyone's starting doing it. Oops. It's pretty weird listening to his little nursery mates saying "Mister 'Mark', come and play with the cars!"

mynotsoperfectlife Sat 27-May-17 10:54:06

My son is now known as a shortened version of his first name but he's that bit older. What sounds okay for an older child sounds strange for a toddler.

DDs name is shortened to just a sound and it sounds harsh and a bit ugly on its own!

Topseyt Sat 27-May-17 10:54:20

CowParsley, our dogs too have dozens of nicknames and respond to all of them.grin

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