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Kegel8 or another?

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pelvicpromise Fri 26-May-17 09:07:49

Morning! I do pelvic floor exercise everyday. But I don't think they are helping. In fact, I feel like at mid-30s something has changed- I feel like I might leak the odd drop (not stress, just randomly). Sex is fine if I've orgasmed but like stirring paint if I haven't yet. Multiple big babies haven't helped.

I want to stop this issue in its tracks.

Has anyone used anything to help? Does it work? Like, really work?

OnTheRise Fri 26-May-17 09:38:51

Don't buy things like that without going to your GP first. There could be all sorts of reasons you're being a bit leaky, and sometimes those devices can make things worse, not better.

There are all sorts of things you GP can do to help you here, including referring you to a specialist physiotherapist, giving you medication, and referring you to a urologist if you need that. It's too important to try to self-treat.

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