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AIBU- To ask here about beaches in Wales.

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AstridPeth Fri 26-May-17 06:48:54

Posting here for traffic.
We are heading off to Wales (Laugharne) for our holidays tomorrow and despite the weather predictions I am hoping the sun will shine at least for one day to make it to the beach.
Coming from Cornwall we have our favourite beaches and the kids know what they like.
So we are basically looking for somewhere that has rockpools. Smaller ones where my youngest two can go hunting for wildlife and preferably big ones for splashing about in for the older two.
Where we live we are not far from a beach with a great splash rock pool (like a mini swimming pool) they love it.
Any recommendations please?
Thank you

iluvsummer Fri 26-May-17 06:53:13

There's a coastal road that will take you from laugharne to Tenby, you'll pass wiseman bridge, amroth and Saunderfoot which are all lovely beaches. Also suggest a day out a folly farm and heatherton. A trip to Calder island is nice too.

iluvsummer Fri 26-May-17 06:54:29

*caldey blinking autocorrect. If you head to Carmarthen there's a bowling alley, cinema and swimming pool and Llansteffan has a good beach especially if you walk around the beach, a castle and a very good chip van!

ForalltheSaints Fri 26-May-17 06:57:02

Check Dylan Thomas's poetry and his bank holiday story- it may mention things like rock pools.

Fleurchamp Fri 26-May-17 07:01:17

We were recently in that neck of the woods and enjoyed Manorbier beach with our toddler - there were rock pools and a little stream running across the beach (and a lovely cafe up the hill in the village).
It's not far past Tenby.
I also recommend a trip to Caldey Island, my DS still goes on about the boat trip (he is only 22 months though so the height of excitement!)

HappyHippyChick Fri 26-May-17 07:03:00

We love Saundersfoot and Llansteffan and holiday in Llansteffan every summer.

VanillaSugar Fri 26-May-17 07:03:25

Another vote for Tenby! Get there early in the day so that you can park.

AstridPeth Fri 26-May-17 07:27:10

That's brilliant. Thank you guys x

singme Fri 26-May-17 07:46:56

It's a further drive around the coast but we always went to Barafundle Bay (you've got to walk there though as car park not near). Also St Govan's Chapel is lovely but steps down can be slippy (my dad fell while I was strapped to his back as a baby - all fine though!)

Near where you're staying is lovely too - jealous!

TaffyandTeenyTaffy Fri 26-May-17 07:53:03

If you fancy venturing a little further afield for a day out, the Gower is lovely and has lots of great beaches - Rhossilli to Llangennith is our favourite for a long walk... we are off there tonight.

ButtonMushroomEx Fri 26-May-17 07:56:24

Pembrey Country Park (known locally as Cefn Sidan) is about 7 miles of sand between Swansea and Carmarthen

It has a beautiful forest leading onto Sand dunes and the beach and activities for kids.

ButtonMushroomEx Fri 26-May-17 07:56:59

And Kidwelly castle is a nice visit for a few hours.

LakieLady Fri 26-May-17 07:58:03

My favourite UK beach is on the Gower: Three Cliffs Bay.

Small, but utterly lovely.

Llansteffan is great, but dogs are no longer allowed, so I haven't been for several years. The pub in the village is quite nice too.

piefacedClique Sat 27-May-17 10:12:53

Head to the Gower.... three life's is just beautiful, lovely walk down to it through the woods and across the floodplain..... pwll du has a walk down to it but plenty of driftwood to build with plus a walk back up through the valley finishes at two lovely pubs! If you time it right you can walk across to worms head from rhossili... lots of lovely rock pools and a great boat trip around it. Or out to the lighthouse ah witford point. Enjoy x

DonttouchthatLarry Sat 27-May-17 19:49:13

I spent most of my childhood holidays on Wiseman's Bridge and Amroth beaches - I remember there being rock pools at one of them. Think there are some at Broadhaven South (Bosherston) and it's a lovely walk to the beach through the lily ponds, as is the walk from Stackpole to Barafundle Bay. Oh, this brings back so many happy memories - I want go back!

Lupinhere37 Sat 27-May-17 21:45:53

Another vote for Manorbier. Just lovely.

Domino20 Sat 27-May-17 21:48:51

Barafundle Bay is truly one of the most magnificent beaches anywhere.

Divaroses26 Sat 27-May-17 21:56:56

Amroth is magical x

CarefullyAirbrushedPotato Sun 28-May-17 00:02:27

Skrinkle haven is little but nice, accessed from Church Doors beach via a tunnel through the cliff

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