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mummyrabbitpeppapig Thu 25-May-17 22:40:04

Just watched it on iPlayer - wow!
Anyone else?

Popsicle434544 Fri 26-May-17 10:57:44

I went to watch it, aftet 2 mins in i was on mumsnet , turnt off after 10.

AnnetteCurtains Fri 26-May-17 11:17:29

Turned it over

JustGettingStarted Fri 26-May-17 11:18:24


JollySmelly Fri 26-May-17 11:19:29

What is it?

Davros Fri 26-May-17 11:20:32

Go to Telly Addicts

Aridane Fri 26-May-17 11:27:51

Starting watching it while browsing Mumsnet. Preferred Mumsnet.

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