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To not want to go out

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karmacoma1 Thu 25-May-17 22:32:16

I had my baby 10 weeks ago.

I have a night out with old colleagues next week. Despite the exercise classes I have been going to and dieting I still look HUGE.

So much so I've just cried trying on a new outfit.

I feel so insecure I really don't want to see anyone.

Wibu to just make an excuse not to go to save myself the embarrassment of looking like a fat mess?

MrsApplepants Thu 25-May-17 22:52:36

I know exactly how you feel, I felt the same way. But your baby is only 10 weeks old, go easy on yourself! Your friends are interested in catching up with you not monitoring how much weight you're carrying. Wear the outfit and do your hair and make up and go, relax and enjoy

BackforGood Thu 25-May-17 23:07:07

I was going to say YANBU to not have the energy to go out when you have such a little one, or to not want to leave him.
However, Y A BU to 'not want to go out' because you are carrying more weight than you'd like - you've just had a baby! Of course you are heavier / larger than your pre-baby weight. Friends won't care about that - they care about you.
Not sure dieting is a good idea with such a young baby either.

BackwoodsBarbie Fri 26-May-17 03:59:21

Feeling your pain OP. My baby is 14 weeks and I had my first evening out yesterday (a work dinner). Aside from the fact I was dreading leaving him I'm still on the heavy side and feeling self conscious but couldn't really miss the event. I found it helped to give myself a proper blow dry and wear full make up. Didn't make me any slimmer but made me feel happier with myself after 3 months of having hair tied up to avoid baby sick and no time to do proper make up. You should definitely go out and agree with PP that your friends just care about seeing you. Have you got something to wear that you're comfortable in which you could maybe dress up with a good bag/shoes/jewellery?

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