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To want a thread about how to use public toilets when you have a child?

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Mehfruittea Thu 25-May-17 21:08:46

Not a TAAT. I'm disabled. I'm also a mum. I use a wheelchair. But I haven't always. When I had my baby, I used the disabled loos because of the pram. I still had mobility issues and couldn't stand up for long, but it was the pram that took me in to the bigger, more spacious disabled toilet.

Then I read a thread of outrage (pick any one for the last 500 or so) and between the insults and insulted, there were tips from more experienced mums who were happy to share how they overcome these problems. So here goes:

Take your pram all the way in to the ladies toilets and use the cubicle furthest from the door. If it's in use, wait. Park pram in front of the door, like a baricade, with baby facing you. Wee and sing to your hears content, everyone knows you're in there and will not poke their head round to check on you!

Need a change table? I used a change bag similar to a messenger style. Big enough for something a4 sized. I had some light but stiff plywood that I kept. (I had this problem a lot with some baby groups I went to.) I found it too painful to bend down on the floor to change so I put the wood over the sink and then change mat on top.

Over to you lot! What tips do you have to help new mums, rather than have a go at them. smile

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