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AIBU to thinking about changing my weekend plans

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Butchmanda Thu 25-May-17 13:39:47

DH and DCs are otherwise occupied this bank holiday weekend. I have booked trains to go alone and stay with my elderly parents for 3 nights. Looking forward to doing the dutiful daughter bit (we don't see them often, and I know they're always pleased to see me - alone or with kids) but also to having a couple of days out (National Trust type thing, with no bored kids) . My parents are King/Queen of days out/ picnics etc etc and I've been eagerly anticipating a bit of grown up time. However, phone call with my Dad yesterday revealed that we won't be going anywhere on Sun or Mon as the traffic will be terrible. And, to top it all, Mum's arranged for my sister (whom I can't stand) to come over for the day on Sun. I can't believe they think I'd be happy to sit on my arse for 3 bloody days. To explain: they live in the most boring place in the world (I know because I was out of there like a shot once I'd left school) and there is literally fuck all to do unless you get in the car and drive for an hour (and then there's lots of things to do, but Dad does have a point about traffic, although I think he's overreacting a bit). There isn't even anywhere I can walk to (it's industrial), and very little public transport. Plus it's probably going to rain. I thought about cancelling completely, but I know that would upset them. Instead I've just bought a ticket to come home on Sunday, so I'd have 24 hours at theirs, see them, suffer my sister, do my bit, fuck off home again. But my change of plan might annoy my Dad and then it'll be a miserable 24 hours. I feel mean for being selfish but also, as I spend my whole life at the beck and call of my DCs and DH, I just wanted some time to do something fun for me. I'd actually be happier at home alone chilling out. WWYD?

Jellycatspyjamas Thu 25-May-17 13:42:27

Honestly? I'd make an excuse and cancel - but my relationship with my parents isn't great at the best of times. Others might have something more measured to say.

Reow Thu 25-May-17 13:46:32

Milton Keynes?

storminabuttercup Thu 25-May-17 14:02:33

Could you change the Sunday ticket to go somewhere for you? Get a hotel? Sounds like you were looking forward to some time for yourself

nelipotter Thu 25-May-17 14:25:52

You can't suck it up to chill out with your parents for three days?
Even in a boring part of town.
I always end up having huge afternoon naps at some of my rellies cause of this, but it's not about me, I go to visit them for a couple of days, chill out at their speed, relax, share a few meals. Take some magazines, a few games to play with them, cards, what not.
Hang out with your parents. You're not 15 anymore.

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