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More soldiers where?

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madparent1 Thu 25-May-17 12:12:57

AIBU to think that the government has no idea on where security is really needed?

Does the Palace really need even more soldiers? Does the PM really need more guns at the end of her street?

Or is it the normal members of the public at public venues that are being targeted and therefore perhaps it is the general public that needs protecting?

Dear Terrorists, please stop killing innocent, powerless people who have no control or ability to make any changes in the way things are. The people in power do not care about normal folk and it does not make any difference to them how many normal folk are killed as it does not affect them personally (save press conference and media image). Normal folk have been being slaughtered in this country by terrorists since time began and nothing has ever changed. Our friends and loved ones are still being killed today. Killing random people in random public places will not change a thing in this country. You are devastating the lives of ordinary people in the most futile, disgusting and inhumane manner possible. There would be no God/cause worth praying to/following that would advocate the killing of children.

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