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AIBU for feeling homesick

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thismustbethursday Thu 25-May-17 12:07:42

we moved a loooong way from home due to my DH job and a few other reasons, but its been a few years here and while it's lovely here, im now 31 and we're ttc but I'm really feeling "stuck" down here, and soooo far from everything I used to know. DH loves his job, and we haven't a penny to get back north anyway bc its so expensive here!! but I'm always longing to go. I am just trying to get on with life and make the most of things, but it feels like half of me is still there...has anyone else ever felt similar, or AIBU and just failing to see the positive in our new life?

NerrSnerr Thu 25-May-17 12:17:55

How far from home are you? I live about 5 hours away and before kids I used to meet friends half way for the day so we didn't have the expense of staying over but still got to see each other. Have you looked at really early train tickets or mega bus where you could get home cheaper? (If in the same country of course!)

MissCookiee Thu 25-May-17 12:19:09

I don't think your BU. You've left a life you knew all to well and not everyone adapts to change.

Does your husband know how you feel?

Neutrogena Thu 25-May-17 12:21:44

It's not about being reasonable or unreasonable - you must talk to your partner. You're not 'wrong' for having feelings you cannot help.
However, it's your responsibility to take the right action to get yourself out of your current fug.

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