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To want to suffocate my Father for his snoring???

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SleepForTheWeek Thu 25-May-17 00:38:17

OK so maybe a TAD dramatic.
I don't actually want to kill him.

My mum and dad are staying with us for a few days. I love it when they come to visit and DD loves seeing her grandparents.


The whole house is vibrating. It's quite a small house so the noise just travels and unfortunately their room is right beside ours.

My mum gave up poking him in the ribs about an got ago.

I'm 38 weeks pregnant and need to sleep but can't with that noise!! Also, DD is likely to wake up with it soon as I can hear her stirring.


fanfrickintastic Thu 25-May-17 02:56:12

YANBU. There are few sounds that can invoke a murderous rage in me than snoring! In fact I can't think of a single one!

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