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posting for traffic - can i ask if you had one child who went nursery and one child with a nanny..

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shinyredbus Wed 24-May-17 20:31:26

....if you see a big difference between your children?

Sorry everyone - posting here for traffic as had only one reply when i posted in the childminders chat.

My daughter was 1 when she went (still is in) into nursery full time - when i went back to work. She is now 3 and is waiting to go into school in September. I have since had a son (8 months) and i am going back to work in September. Because neither me nor my husband can commit daily to the morning school run, we have decided to hire a nanny to help with sharing the school runs/pick ups. Nanny will also look after my son by day.

I am now feeling nervous that my son will not get the same opportunity as my daughter to mix with lots of children - we have lots of baby clubs near us and our nanny knows other nanny's round us who she will meet up with. She will also take him swimming once a week. I fear this is not enough - my daughter has lots of friends and we have made lots of parent-friends as a result of this.

Can i ask if any of you have had a similar experience with your children and how (if different) they have turned out? We might send him into nursery for a day - but my nanny (who happens to still work in a nursery now) says that the children who just go once a week are generally distressed as they hardly know anyone there - because they only go once a week. Am i just over thinking things/being silly? confused


OneGreyElephantBalancing Wed 24-May-17 20:36:56

Me !
Nanny was fantastic for my second dc. Lots of socialising and groups. And then she started preschool at 3. She's benefitted hugely from the nanny.
Plus it meant I had someone to do school runs for my infant schooler.

I'd do it. Focus on what will make your working life as easy as possible. Kids get on with most things.

hibbledobble Wed 24-May-17 20:37:10

Yes you are worrying far too much.

Your child will be fine with a nanny. At age one, this is better than than nursery as they will have consistent one to one care. Playgroups will provide more than enough socialisation.

OneGreyElephantBalancing Wed 24-May-17 20:38:07

Also. Nanny means child gets proper quiet time at home. Harder to get in a nursery.
And they can look after sick kids at home.

dairymilkmonster Wed 24-May-17 20:46:03

Yes! ds1 at nursery full time, ds2 born a few weeks before he started school. I was on mat leave for 9mo then nanny. Ds2 is almost 2 and no problems so far - they go to 2 toddler groups, swimming, library, parks and a sports group each week. Don't worry it will be ok!

shinyredbus Wed 24-May-17 20:49:33

OneGreyElephantBalancing Thank you - i know i am over worrying for nothing, its just i have no friends with any experience with what I'm about to do - happy to hear about your second dc being happy and content. I think i was just spooked when mum said to me that - 'oh he's going turn out totally different to daughter who is sooooo outgoing because of nursery' blush

hibbledobble yes - I'm sure i am. i am such a worrier!

Thanks both!

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