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To not do any ironing

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SnoutFish Wed 24-May-17 16:01:58

because it's 25 degrees inside my flat and if I use a steaming iron it will get even hotter?

Whiskwarrior Wed 24-May-17 16:04:09

I thought you meant at all!

Which is what I do. Or don't.

Don't own an iron or an ironing board blush

RatherBeRiding Wed 24-May-17 16:05:50

Do you NEED to iron anything?

I have up ironing anything except "work" stuff years ago. Couldn't believe how much time I used to waste ironing stuff like bedding and T-shirts that really don't need it.

TheMysteriousJackelope Wed 24-May-17 16:09:48

I rarely iron anything so YANBU from my point of view.

With advances in fiber technology over the past decades it is entirely possible to buy clothes that never need to be ironed.

Westray Wed 24-May-17 16:11:24

No iron or ironing board here either.

Rockaby Wed 24-May-17 16:12:31

Yanbu. I also iron very, very rarely. Only if it's totally unavoidable. Horrible task!

MirandaWest Wed 24-May-17 16:19:39

DH irons work shirts of his. Although he mostly gets to wear t shirts and jeans now so irons even less

teapotter Wed 24-May-17 16:20:14

YANBU My ds told me, aged 3, that I shouldn't iron because it's too hot and I could burn myself, so I should leave it for daddy. Good advice for us all.

BendydickCuminsnatch Wed 24-May-17 16:20:29

God, the only reason I have an iron is for the rare occasion I use fabric pens grin And for when DH needs to iron a shirt for the odd wedding.

BendydickCuminsnatch Wed 24-May-17 16:20:54

Obviously, DH does his own shirts.

shamoffour Wed 24-May-17 16:21:49

Well I iron everything. It's my mothers bloody fault, she said she was the only hippy with an iron!
I've spent the afternoon ironing all the holiday stuff to put in a case to get creased again.

glitterglitters Wed 24-May-17 16:22:16

I don't iron anything. I'm not even sure we own an iron 🙊

HolditFinger Wed 24-May-17 16:26:25

I don't iron. It was my only stipulation when my now DH moved in - do your own because I'd rather boil my own head. But no, I wouldn't bother in this weather even if I did!

picklemepopcorn Wed 24-May-17 16:28:43

I don't iron. At one point DCs asked a friend's mum what she was doing.

You could wash it again then shake it and hang it straight away. It won't need ironing then,

BusterGonad Wed 24-May-17 16:31:48

I don't iron, but that's because where I live it literally costs 40p for it to be done for me! I'm dreading moving though as I'll have to bloody iron again!

F1ipFlopFrus Wed 24-May-17 16:42:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SnoutFish Wed 24-May-17 16:45:52

sham roll everything, then it won't get creased!

Ok, no ironing it is then. I never used to until I read about how it was frowned upon by teachers and had been mentioned in school meetings about foreign mother (like I am) not coping with children and be worth mentioning to social services shock

I can't always hang it immediately its finished washing. DH wears t-shirt and jeans to work, so at least if his shirts are ironed he looks part-way to being presentable. But he did complain this morning about how I'd done a collar...

Advicerequiredthx Wed 24-May-17 16:47:41

I own an iron and an ironing board. I've never used either. Tumble dryer is your friend, tumble, fold or hand up as soon as dry. No need for ironing. Never wear shirts.

Ethylred Wed 24-May-17 16:48:58

The only point of ironing is to give the domestic staff something to do. I truly have better things to do than invent other tasks for them so ironing it is, even if DH complains about the creases being so bloody sharp.

Admirablenelson Wed 24-May-17 16:50:37

Get an ironing press, all of you. For most clothes, especially tops and jeans it's far quicker, you use it seated, and it lasts for years. Mine's a Fastpress. It has a large ironing area and plenty of pressure from the spring. You don't need steam one, a water spray bottle is enough. I still generally use an ironing board for shirts, though.

Floralnomad Wed 24-May-17 16:52:14

I don't iron , I tumble everything that can be ,all year round and anything that needs ironing gets taken away on Tuesday and returned on Wednesday by our lovely ironing lady .

Anniegetyourgun Wed 24-May-17 16:53:34

I was appalled on taking current employment to be told that uniform shirts must be ironed. I kind of got used to it, and have to admit that those colleagues who didn't always bother looked much scruffier. I've got it down to a fairly fine art that takes 2.5 mins per shirt, so not really a huge chunk out of my precious leisure time. Anything I'm not contractually obliged to iron, though, I just hang up and hope. If it comes out a bit crumpled I don't wear it anywhere important.

Anyone who complained about collars in this household would be told where the iron lived and invited to get on with it. For ever.

MrsD79 Wed 24-May-17 16:58:44

What am I doing wrong?? I iron every day! I dont do bed sheets though but will do pillows. Kids clothes. Uniforms. Hubbys clothes. Its endless 😢

Anniegetyourgun Wed 24-May-17 16:59:10

Oh, and I never use steam, I iron them straight out of the washing machine. That way they don't even get a chance to crumple. I'm a master procrastinator, but putting ironing off makes it a lot harder down the line (no pun intended).

Crispsheets Wed 24-May-17 17:01:20

I love ironing . I only do my own.

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