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to wonder why these women wear gym clothes all the time

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Bigboombangcrash Wed 24-May-17 14:43:16

There are quite a few mums at my dc's primary who constantly wear lycra gym clothes. They drop off in them, pick up in them and generally seem to hang out in them all the time. From what I can see they don't actually do any exercise during the day so it puzzles me. Is it a comfort thing? I know it is none of my business and I don't know why I even care but I often wonder.

SheSparkles Wed 24-May-17 14:44:21

I sometimes put gym clothes on 1s thing even if I'm not going to the gym till the evening-it's very definitely a comfort thing

AyeAmarok Wed 24-May-17 14:44:51

I frequently see unhealthy looking people wearing gym kit while smoking outside the pub. It makes me grin

Kokusai Wed 24-May-17 14:45:04


Cakedoesntjudge Wed 24-May-17 14:45:12

I do this with the good intentions of going to the gym straight after drop off but quite often end up being too lazy to go blush

MineralWater Wed 24-May-17 14:46:14

I'm an academic. Nearly all my female students now seem to be permanently in sports wear. I think it looks stupid.

araiwa Wed 24-May-17 14:46:23

because they bought them but dont actually go to the gym and are just getting some use out of them. plus comfy

ijustwannadance Wed 24-May-17 14:46:49

Active wear when not exercising is currently a fashion statement thing.

MrsTerryPratchett Wed 24-May-17 14:47:07

They're comfy?

FuckingSausageFingers Wed 24-May-17 14:47:11

All my young, youthful relatives live in their gym gear outside work hours. I think it must be the in-thing. bit like adidas popper trackies when I were a lass

SeagullGirl Wed 24-May-17 14:48:34

I'm always in gym clothes and drop off and pick up because I cycle to work and get changed into work clothes when I get there...

Pepsi13max Wed 24-May-17 14:48:48

Comfy/know they loook good in them/maybe went to gym and didn't have time to go home first?

SeagullGirl Wed 24-May-17 14:49:18

" drop off...

FreeButtonBee Wed 24-May-17 14:50:12

It's so comfy! I lived in sports gear when on mat leave. Nice and stretchy, washes up a treat, doesn't stain, can bend and dash after errant toddler without exposing my knickers. Didn't do a lot of exercise but it's just clothes, innit?

Mind you, it was a bit of shock putting on my work clothes when I returned <looks at tummy>. Lycra can be a bit too forgiving...

TheoriginalLEM Wed 24-May-17 14:51:19

why do some people do the school run dressed like they are off to a dinner party? why do some wear their pyjamas? why do others where track suits?

none of these questions are important or anyone else's business but the wearer

ILoveDolly Wed 24-May-17 14:52:08

I am so glad the active wear video has been posted. It's comfy and if you have an 11am class, things to do before and after, plus drop off, what else to do but wear it?

Empireoftheclouds Wed 24-May-17 14:52:41

I think it's a bit odd tbh. I change at the gym. The comfort argument doesn't really work for me, leggings and t shirts are comfy!

computerscream Wed 24-May-17 14:53:54

You can't know they aren't going to the gym at 11am or something though

JamesDelaneysHat Wed 24-May-17 14:54:43

Ha! I've never seen the Active Wear video grin

FV45 Wed 24-May-17 14:54:55

I work from home. If I'm exercising later in the day I won't bother to put proper clothes on, just a tracksuit and hoodie.

QueenMortificado Wed 24-May-17 14:55:12

I would wear my gym kit literally all the time if I could. To work, after work for drinks, to a formal ball.

It's just so damn comfy. No underwires of bras. Nice thick leggings that come over my muffin too. Long stretchy tops that cover everything. Trainers instead of heels.

Absolute bliss. Nothing is more comfy than active wear. Nothing.

ILoveDolly Wed 24-May-17 14:55:41

I know what you mean but I go to a class in a hall where there's no changing facilities really, but I don't like to go to the shops in leggings so i do try and find time to go home to change at some point.

GreyVelvet Wed 24-May-17 14:58:46

As everyone else said it's super comfy. I don't exercise that much but they're just comfy clothes!

Oblomov17 Wed 24-May-17 15:00:34

Active wear, whilst .... shopping/having coffee etc. I liked that clip when it first came out. It is funny.

Olegjogalot Wed 24-May-17 15:00:37

I've been home from work for about an hour and a half. Going out shopping for furniture in about 30minutes and I've just put on my 'sportswear'. Sports leggings, sports bra, tshirt and trainers. It's the comfiest thing I can get away with wearing outside.

I can just keep pretending that I've come straight from the gym!

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