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To feel really sorry for Vicky Fallon (the ex fiancé of Abz from Five)?

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NooNooMummy Wed 24-May-17 09:35:39

AIBU to feel really sorry for Vicky Fallon (the ex fiancé of Abz from Five)?

I watched her video and, as someone who is also on the receiving end of an narcisstic ex's anger and bad behaviour, I thought she seemed really truthful.  And I think she's really brave for standing up to his nonsense and attempting to set the record straight. Until you've been the subject of a narcissist's lies and tricks and smear campaigning, you could never imagine the nightmare that a narcissist can cause you.

I just wanted to say to Vicky that i believe you, your behaviour is not anything to be ashamed of, I understand, you are brave and it will get better.  Be thankful that you didn't marry or have children with him and that you now have a chance for a better, happier life xx

Tazerface Wed 24-May-17 09:41:10

I don't know who she is so googled and all I can see is articles about how she was apparently signed up as an escort? Is that it and it's all lies?

IHaveBrilloHair Wed 24-May-17 09:43:37

Do you have a link?

SaucyJack Wed 24-May-17 09:48:54

What's that weird noise I can hear? Oh- it's the sound of a barrel being well and truly scraped.

Have I missed something? Why is Abz from 5ive's ex-girlfriend of any interest to anyone other than Abz from 5ive's ex-girlfriend's Mum.

Sparklingbrook Wed 24-May-17 09:51:20

Agree with Saucy. I can't quite believe anyone thought this newsworthy or of any interest to anyone outside family. confused

neonrainbow Wed 24-May-17 09:51:56

Who cares?

WhatToDoAboutThis2017 Wed 24-May-17 09:54:54


dontbesillyhenry Wed 24-May-17 09:56:41

How do you even know about this non-entity? What 'news' sources do you follow?

PigletWasPoohsFriend Wed 24-May-17 09:58:00

OK hmm

KungFuPandaWorksOut16 Wed 24-May-17 10:01:17

So because Abz discovered his fiancee signed up too become an escort and he found out, She's now released a video of her boo hooing about it. So now Abz must be a narcissist who is abusive?
She claimed she signed up because they was low on funds because his money had ran out quickly. Get a normal job.

Lulu1083 Wed 24-May-17 10:01:29

Henry - this was in the Mirror and the Mail online on Sunday.

I watched her videos too OP. I do feel for her but can't help but think she'd have been better off just keeping quiet and giving him no reaction, just a quiet denial statement.
The weeping videos will just add to the drama

kissmethere Wed 24-May-17 10:01:33

Yes I see what you mean. I haven't watched her video but I read about them. I know women who have done what she was going to do as an option to earn.
Not an easy decision, I don't usually even I open a story like this but I could see where se was coming from.

NooNooMummy Wed 24-May-17 10:03:30

I agree that it shouldn't even be news. But it is. And that poor woman is doing her best to claw back some control over how she's portrayed. I really feel for her. And, I find it interesting that a narcissus behaviour is being exposed in this way. It's not ok to do. That to her.

NooNooMummy Wed 24-May-17 10:05:54

And my ad ice to her would be: don't sink to his level. Try to retain your dignity now and don't have a public slanging match. There ARE Ripken who believe you and. support you - know that.

NooNooMummy Wed 24-May-17 10:06:22

Ripken? People

BeepBeepMOVE Wed 24-May-17 10:07:48

No one knows who she is. Posting videos about your z-list has been Ex seems a bit attention seeking.

Nicknacky Wed 24-May-17 10:08:03

What has he actually done wrong? He's found out his fiancée was offering sex for money so why is he being made out to be the bad guy?

NooNooMummy Wed 24-May-17 10:08:37

Just watch the video

NooNooMummy Wed 24-May-17 10:10:50

Jeez! Have I stumbled into the Five fan club? !!
I don't care about z list celebs either but I care about what narcisists do to their ex-partners and I think it should be discussed more. It's not acceptable.

Nicknacky Wed 24-May-17 10:11:53

I can't really be bothered watching a 20 minute video of a woman sniffling because she has been busted. I will revert to my original thought than she is the one in the wrong.

Nicknacky Wed 24-May-17 10:12:30

Why are you calling him a narcissist? What has he actually done wrong in your opinion?

GoldenWorld Wed 24-May-17 10:13:23

I used to fancy Abz as a child. blush

To be honest, they both seem as bad as each other to me.

NooNooMummy Wed 24-May-17 10:13:33

You're clearly lucky enough never to have been subjected to the mayhem caused when you try to leave a narcissist.

I just wanted to offer support.

derxa Wed 24-May-17 10:16:05

Save your tears for other people

Boulshired Wed 24-May-17 10:16:46

She had previously used the sites according to the reports before him. You are taking her has genuine but that does not mean everyone else will have the same opinion or even care to watch a video of someone they do no know who was with someone they vaguely remember. If she came on here she would be taken at face value and offered support, as long as she mentioned no names.

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