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To book the holiday anyway and without him?

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SharkiraSharkira Wed 24-May-17 00:29:33

I have 2 issues at the moment. Dsis and I have been planning to go on holiday together, just the two of us, for a long time but so far it has not happened. We have decided that there is a festival we would like to go to overseas next year but neither of us have a lot of money spare at the moment - the idea is that it is far enough away that we could save the money needed by the time we go (we should both be able to do this no problem).

First problem is I have getting a bit worried that we have not booked anything yet, as the festival is so popular that finding last minute accomodation in the area is very difficult and would be extremely expensive if we wait due to the demand. However Dsis said she would rather wait until we had already made some savings. I understand this completely but the chances are by the time we have saved the money there will be nowhere to stay. Dsis is a bit of a natural worrier so I think she is overthinking it and the money won't be an issue by the time we go.

I know the dates we would be going, so wibu to just put a deposit down and book something already for those dates so we at least have accomodation sorted? We could always cancel or change it closer to the time if need be?

The second problem is that I was talking to Dsis the other day about the holiday and her bf overheard us and invited himself along! He's a lovely guy and we had been considering taking him with but tbh neither of us would enjoy it as much with him there, he is very much a 'get drunk every night then spend the rest of the day sleeping off his hangover by the pool, then repeat for the entire holiday' kind of guy whereas we want to really make the most of our time there and explore the local area. Not really compatible ideals for a holiday.

I'm worried he will be offended if we ask him not to come but it really would be so much easier if he didn't! Wibu to book accomodation for 2 and ask him not to come with? Help!

KC225 Wed 24-May-17 02:19:57

No don't take the boyfriend. Sell it to your sister as girly/sister holiday.

Are you sure she wants to go? She's reluctant to book and has a boyfriend. I would double check if I were you

MrsTerryPratchett Wed 24-May-17 02:24:04

Can't you book it with a website that allows cancellation, like

Shoxfordian Wed 24-May-17 06:29:36

Yeah check she wants to go and then book the accommodation. No point in saving up for a trip and then not being able to get a hotel!
Let your sister know you just want a girls holiday or if he does come then leave him to sleep by the pool while you go out.

kmc1111 Wed 24-May-17 06:40:23

Definitely not unreasonable, but would you want to go alone if she couldn't save enough or changed her mind?

If it's a popular festival you absolutely have to book well in advance if you have any sort of budget. The fact that she's willing to risk not being able to attend at all suggests she's not really committed to making the saving up for it a priority.

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