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To tell you all that the Manchester Evening News are crowdfunding for the victims and families *title edited by MNHQ*

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Sionella Tue 23-May-17 15:57:58

Link here in case anyone wants to donate:

Sionella Tue 23-May-17 15:58:23

Sorry, this one might work better

Majorgoodwinschickenbeatstrump Tue 23-May-17 15:59:13

Can we keep this thread bumped as much as possible so people don't forget to donate on the main payday weekend please? I include myself on this!

OhBlissOhJoy Tue 23-May-17 15:59:51

Bumping - but also to clarify that MEN is Manchester Evening News - I didn't understand when I first saw the thread title.

SlaveToDisney Tue 23-May-17 15:59:59

Wow I just went on to donate and they have already exceeded their target. Proof that in times of need we can pull together as a society and help those out that need it most.

Sudocreamface Tue 23-May-17 16:02:53

I don't get these things, maybe I'm too old. Who does the money go too?

The families?? If so how? Does the page have every family members bank details?

Can you explain how this works as I don't get it.

Thank you

Sionella Tue 23-May-17 16:03:12

Sorry, that's what everyone calls it around there! I'll ask MN to change it for clarity.

Sudocreamface Tue 23-May-17 16:04:03

It's just changed to £30000 to £50000

Is this a con?

Sionella Tue 23-May-17 16:05:00

Sudo - it goes to the paper and they then distribute it to the families.

pinyata Tue 23-May-17 16:05:12

No 100% not a con they have been increasing the target all morning once the original has been reached.

Sudocreamface Tue 23-May-17 16:06:09

Why? It makes it look like the target hasent been reached then when it has.

Sionella Tue 23-May-17 16:06:46

Here you go!!

There absolutely can be con ones, or perhaps not so much a con as a far less deserving cause (eg the couple who wanted to crowd fund their dream move to South America), but not this one, given who started it and the events of last night.

Sudocreamface Tue 23-May-17 16:07:29

Goes to the paper? What's that, a news paper company?

The target has changed, and it's not even clear what families will get the help.

Doesn't sound right to me.

Madbengalmum Tue 23-May-17 16:07:34

Con, no they are just doing well with donations. Understandably, people want to help.

Sionella Tue 23-May-17 16:09:04

Sudo. Did you read the link?!

It's a very very very common way for people to raise money for charity.

DesignedForLife Tue 23-May-17 16:12:08

On their website, it's legit.

Sudocreamface Tue 23-May-17 16:13:38

Yes I understand that but, you can give money online, but I want to know exactly who gets it. Does it really go too the families when you don't even have their bank details to give them the money, so how can it be given to them.

If someone calls you and says we raised money fir you give me you bank details you would say no, as everyone knows, you don't give out your details on the phone.

Is the person going to hand it in cash to the different families, no!!

I'm all for raising money, but not if I don't think it's getting to where it needs to go, and thus instance I don't.

People see go find me and just believe it's genuine, that's silly.

DesignedForLife Tue 23-May-17 16:14:03

Agree though it's not clear what the money is actually for/how it will be distributed.

innurendo Tue 23-May-17 16:15:37

Hi, I'm looking for a link through their official site before I give money.

Nothing personal, I just always do this to make sure money goes to legitimate funds, and before I share with others who i know will donate.

I can't find it on their site, which is very slow to load for me. Are you able to provide a page on the MEN site that mentions it with a link we can follow to donate, please?

MorrisZapp Tue 23-May-17 16:17:06

I'm interested too in what exactly the money is for. Is it for people who don't have life insurance etc?

innurendo Tue 23-May-17 16:17:07

Found it:

Sionella Tue 23-May-17 16:17:34

Sudo, I have to assume that you haven't read the link on how it works, as you don't mention it. In light of that, I do find your comments disappointing for a campaign like this. It's rather a serious accusation to make of the MEN too - you are basically implying that they will keep the money hmm

But that's not the point here, so I'm done arguing the point!

Sudocreamface Tue 23-May-17 16:17:45

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Sionella Tue 23-May-17 16:18:51

Morris - most teenagers and kids don't have life insurance. And even if they did, those who have injuries will need support too.

FeedTheSharkAndItWillBite Tue 23-May-17 16:19:23

It seems like a good thing. But it's a bit unclear how it will be used/distributed, unfortunately.

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