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Trump speech re mamchester

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Dianneabbottsmathsteacher Tue 23-May-17 11:01:49

Probably the first and last time I thought Trump spoke with sensitivity and well

Addley Tue 23-May-17 11:02:56

Really? "Losers"?

Dianneabbottsmathsteacher Tue 23-May-17 11:10:27

I know not eloquent but reducing them not to terrorists or Isis or anything that holds even an iota or status but what they are losers and they will loose.

deadringer Tue 23-May-17 11:21:40

I thought he sounded idiotic.

ihatethecold Tue 23-May-17 11:22:57

Not agreeing with you there op.
He sounds so uneducated

CrazyExIngenue Tue 23-May-17 11:23:53

Pot calling the kettle black was all I could think....

MissEliza Tue 23-May-17 11:25:48

Perhaps the sentiment was acceptable but he sounded like an educated idiot unfit to be the 'leader of the free world' so no change there.

CrazyExIngenue Tue 23-May-17 11:27:57

I find it very worrying that he said "This wicked ideology must be obliterated " Which essentially boils down to Islam must be obliterated....

PumaLeopard Tue 23-May-17 11:27:59

I have cried this morning when I found out what has happened. Trump's speech was idiotic.

BillyButtfuck Tue 23-May-17 11:31:27

It was an awful speech coming from POTUS.

thedcbrokemybank Tue 23-May-17 11:31:34

Trumps speech was embarrassing. I had to turn it off. I thought he sounded uneducated and actually like he was slurring.

BuzzKillington Tue 23-May-17 11:35:32

I heard it on the radio and thought he sounded idiotic.

Losers? Imagine Theresa May using that term in her speech.

I had visions of him making the L sign on his forehead.

Dianneabbottsmathsteacher Tue 23-May-17 11:35:34

Blimey well uneducated yes but he is isn't he? Prefer calling them losers though than Islamist terrorists as they are not muslims.

MrsJayy Tue 23-May-17 11:36:23

He just comes over as a complete moron everything he says sounds uneducated unsympathetic full of hatred,

Titsywoo Tue 23-May-17 11:38:00

Doesn't he have speech writers for this sort of thing? I agree with others he sounded awful. It was embarrassing really.

MrsJayy Tue 23-May-17 11:40:29

Yes he does but he is so beyond arrogant that he goes off speech and spouts what he likes

Radishal Tue 23-May-17 11:41:05

"I find it very worrying that he said "This wicked ideology must be obliterated " Which essentially boils down to Islam must be obliterated."
No it doesn't. What a stupid thing to say. Yes, Trump is an idiot but I don't think he was saying "Islam must be obliterated ". That's like condemning the IRA attacks and really meaning Irish Catholicism should be obliterated.
Think twice before you post .

peaceout Tue 23-May-17 11:41:12

Compared to Teresa May he's such a dumbed down leader, must be embarrassing for Americans, I thought he sounded slurred lately too

peaceout Tue 23-May-17 11:43:03

However I do think that calling them losers works, it's appropriately dismissive

CrazyExIngenue Tue 23-May-17 11:45:09

So what ideology do you think he was referring to?

Sionella Tue 23-May-17 11:47:37

I haven't heard it yet, but in theory I very much agree that reducing them to losers is the right thing to do. They aren't great warriors. They are losers.

It's the same sort of thing as Anonymous flooding their social media with gay porn.

ArsenalsPlayingAtHome Tue 23-May-17 11:48:29

He is not worthy.

I'd like to think that the term "loser" was well thought out, but I doubt it.

Him making a speech seems to do the opposite of help, he just seems to make everything worse.

Figaro2017 Tue 23-May-17 11:49:05

I really am no fan of Trumps but perhaps he was shaken by it. After all he knows as we all do that it's kids that's were targeted in Manchester.

Whatever you think of his actions in Syria, he was also visibly shaken at the pictures of the injured children after the gas attack.

Perhaps he was just being human rather than a polished politician.

SumThucker Tue 23-May-17 11:50:01

I think he sounds like an idiot, as usual. I've never liked James Corden, but I thought his speech was heartfelt.

SuperBeagle Tue 23-May-17 11:50:34

I agree with calling them losers. Because that's what they are. Pathetic losers.

I also don't think saying the ideology must be obliterated is akin to saying Islam must be obliterated. Are those who are saying it's one and the same the same people who say these terrorists "aren't real Muslims" hmm

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