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Is OP pronounced OhPee or Awp?

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SugarnetMum Tue 23-May-17 01:58:29

In a debate with someone over this

sleepingdragons Tue 23-May-17 01:59:46


PerspicaciaTick Tue 23-May-17 02:00:05

Like hop but with a dropped aitch.

FurCoatAndNaeKnickers Tue 23-May-17 02:00:35

Oh Pee

TheDowagerCuntess Tue 23-May-17 02:00:51

It stands for Original Post, or Original Poster, so it's letter 'O', letter 'P'.

Awp?! grin

KoalaDownUnder Tue 23-May-17 02:01:08

Oh Pee. Surely.

Do you pronounce GP 'Guhp'? grin

73kittycat73 Tue 23-May-17 02:01:25

OhPee here too.

73kittycat73 Tue 23-May-17 02:02:20

Do you pronounce GP 'Guhp'?

Lol grin

paxillin Tue 23-May-17 02:05:05

Oh Pee of course.

Having said that, I was recently informed (on MN) that "doll" rhymes with goal, so what do I know.

fourquenelles Tue 23-May-17 02:05:09

I pronounce it op as in operation. Why use 2 syllables when one will do?

highinthesky Tue 23-May-17 02:08:23

Having said that, I was recently informed (on MN) that "doll" rhymes with goal, so what do I know.

How droll.

paxillin Tue 23-May-17 02:09:33

Is that droal?

SugarnetMum Tue 23-May-17 02:12:14

Yeah I pronounce it oh pee too sounds so much better grin glad I'm not the only one

WhatToDoAboutThis2017 Tue 23-May-17 02:28:01

It's definitely OhPee grin

TheMysteriousJackelope Tue 23-May-17 02:34:41

Ope, as in 'Oppa Gangnam Style'.

Double points for doing the horsey dance while Mumsnetting.

TheDowagerCuntess Tue 23-May-17 02:35:56

Having said that, I was recently informed (on MN) that "doll" rhymes with goal, so what do I know.

paxillin - I'm intrigued as to how you pronounce them!

TheDowagerCuntess Tue 23-May-17 02:36:58


user1491572121 Tue 23-May-17 02:40:07

I remember someone on here asking if AIBU was pronounced



Ay-boo to rhyme with "Hey-Boo_

It's Eye-Boo of course...

redshoeblueshoe Tue 23-May-17 02:41:26

surely no one ever says it out loud confused

NinjaLeprechaun Tue 23-May-17 02:42:21

If I'm saying it out loud, I say "Oh Pee", but if it I'm just reading it to myself then it scans as "'ope" - as in hope with a dropped H.

iogo Tue 23-May-17 02:46:28


Surely no one says AIBU outloud so it's just AIBU?

NinjaLeprechaun Tue 23-May-17 02:46:40

"Do you pronounce GP 'Guhp'?"
GP is pronounced "jip", surely. (In fact, if I'm reading out loud I probably say "doctor"--or grandparent-- because I'm translating-on-the-fly into American English.)

NinjaLeprechaun Tue 23-May-17 02:48:22

damn, strikethrough fail.

SugarnetMum Tue 23-May-17 02:59:39

I mean when I'm reading it in my head, I think of it as oh pee

YouCanStandMeUpSpartacus Tue 23-May-17 03:07:49

In what accent does "doll" rhyme with "goal"?

I thought it was O.P., as a reference to O.G.

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