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Mums selling their children for sex

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Fanciedachange17 Mon 22-May-17 23:24:30

In tears here and the programme has only just started. I want the death penalty for any adult who abuses a child in this way.

LondonNicki Mon 22-May-17 23:36:55

Jesus. I don't think I could watch that. So appalling and unthinkable. How messed up or desperate would a person need to be to do something so awful to their words really.

BeeThirtythree Tue 23-May-17 04:03:44

Talking about this earlier with Dsis and a friend. Friend pointed out if you are absolutely starving and desperate, maybe it's the only way to survive? I think, if you can not look after your children, in this age, there are alternatives, not having more children/leaving them in a secure children's shelter.
As a mother I not even comprehend how you can plan that for your child. I know I am lucky to live in a country where I can knock on a neighbour's door, if I was starving/not able to look after DC, these women did not have such options.
People beg, borrow...even steal to feed their children...that would be more acceptable and forgivable than using a baby as a commodity. How can you sell your child?? A part of you!

KeiraKnightleyActsWithHerTeeth Tue 23-May-17 04:08:10

I think I would sooner kill myself.

AdalindSchade Tue 23-May-17 04:12:22

Surely if you're that desperate you would prostitute yourself before your children. There is no excuse for this, poverty is not an excuse.

Cocklodger Tue 23-May-17 04:14:38

Yy to pp saying it's really no excuse at all. Prostituting yourself I can understand but your children? Never. You are there to protect them.

selsigfach Tue 23-May-17 04:32:38

Some of them aren't desperate, they are just vile child abusers. Friends saw a mother in Thailand offering her child for sex in a bar. They were really upset and gave her money she wanted and said to take her child home. The mother was profusely grateful and left. Friends finished their drinks and moved on to another bar...can you guess who they met there?

EvilDoctorBallerinaDuck Tue 23-May-17 04:36:22

This is just horrific. 😱

BeeThirtythree Tue 23-May-17 04:41:07

KieraKnightly That was my initial thought!

Rinkydinkypink Tue 23-May-17 04:47:09

Seen it and it's horrible. I also think we need to remember the culture involved. Many of these women will have had it happen to them and therefore normalise it.

The women probably do sell themselves as well.

I can't imagine ever being in a position that would make me do this. I'm grateful it's unlikely to happen.

In some ways it's on a level with those who sell their DC to be married to older men. The Children can't escape from marriage and will be brutally abused, forced pregnancy, live with strangers etc.

The men who watch these things are the problem!

ImpetuousBride Tue 23-May-17 04:47:41

Um, no sex offending (including offering your children to pedophiles) has certainly nothing to do with starvation or desperation.

BeeThirtythree Tue 23-May-17 04:49:00

Selsigfach That is heartbreaking! Can't imagine how your friends felt. Makes you wonder what such mothers would do for the right price?! Well, the documentary showed that! It is not acceptable, I see it the same as matter your age/culture/religious know taking a life is wrong, selling your child is wrong, no matter where you live! It can not be the norm in any society. Shocking, just shocking!

Mummyoflittledragon Tue 23-May-17 05:25:25

Omg how horrific. I haven't seen this programme. Another generation of lost souls.

hellokittymania Tue 23-May-17 05:43:29

I've been around this kind of thing, having worked in Southeast Asia for the past 10 years. It's really sad, and yes it does exist, more than you even want to think about I think.

People just turn their head and look the other way and so it goes on.

It's well-known that some pimps or parents will beat children before sending them into bars so that they will get more money and people will buy their chewing gum or flowers or whatever else they are selling.

SamanthaBrique Tue 23-May-17 05:58:26

It's horrific but even more horrific is that there's clearly a demand for it, usually by foreign men sad

ThisIsNotARealAvo Tue 23-May-17 06:07:43

I agree with Samantha, I came on to say who is buying these children? There is a massive demand for the exploitation of women and children. I haven't watched the show but hopefully it's about who the fuck are the men who hand over a few quid to abuse a child.

CallaLilli Tue 23-May-17 06:19:11

I think, if you can not look after your children, in this age, there are alternatives, not having more children/leaving them in a secure children's shelter.

I think it's easy to say that from a position of privilege. I'm not for a moment excusing the actions of these parents but I don't think we will ever experience, or begin to imagine, the level of poverty they live in. They have literally nothing except their bodies and their children.

And let's face it, they wouldn't be selling them if there wasn't a demand for it from sex tourists, who usually tend to be white men. I hope the documentary touched on this too. If only more efforts were made to catch those bastards angry

artycakemaker Tue 23-May-17 06:21:18

who are buying these children? I also worked in Thailand and Vietnam and the people buying these children are western men. And not 'just peados' but men on stag parties, married family men.

It is ever so much more common than you would want to believe. I could notwork in the field longer than 10 years... it's devastating.

sashh Tue 23-May-17 06:48:03

I think, if you can not look after your children, in this age, there are alternatives, not having more children/leaving them in a secure children's shelter.

In the Philippines contraception is not an option for many.

NicolasFlamel Tue 23-May-17 07:32:30

Not all the women are desperate. A couple of them in that documentary admitted to molesting the kids themselves. You sell yourself before you ever do that to your children. You do anything but that.

luckylucky24 Tue 23-May-17 07:41:31

I don't believe these woman were desperate for money to feed the kids they are abusing. If you loved your kids and were struggling to care for them to the extent you had to do something drastic, why would you abuse them? That isn't caring. IF they survive to adulthood they are going to be so screwed up they won't want to live!

Kokusai Tue 23-May-17 07:44:13

I hate that series. She covers interesting hard hitting topics but as a presenter she is soooooo irritating and is pitching for the lower quartile of understanding.

ThatItBe Tue 23-May-17 07:47:43

Are these men who buy young children ever shamed?
Could special teams turn up and film or photograph the men, witnessing their filthy activity? Post it on social media. Probably would be dangerous for anyone doing that I suppose.
They should be exposed.

Thatextrainch Tue 23-May-17 07:51:44

Whats wrong with that kokusai? Maybe people want to hear about difficult subjects in a more simplistic manner.

It waa very hard to watch and a very emotionally difficult job for the man infiltrating this. The added sadness is that the children will be taken into care and probably end up repeating this cycle regardless when they have children.

QueenoftheAndals Tue 23-May-17 14:05:32

I think a better investigation would've been into the men paying for these kids. Disgusting excuses for human beings.

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